An app that helps parents to know when their children enter or leave school and other things

una app que ayuda a los padres a saber cuando sus hijos entran o salen del colegio y otras cosas mas.jpg
una app que ayuda a los padres a saber cuando sus hijos entran o salen del colegio y otras cosas mas.jpg

For clear reasons of security and protection, many good parents want to have information on their own about when their children enter or leave school. Fortunately for them, this action is possible to carry out and the BatOnRoute app is designed to help you do just that.

Developed in Spain, this BatOnRoute application seeks to take advantage of location to offer users safety and peace of mind through real-time information about the location of their children.

Of course, as such it is not that it is an independent application that obtains this type of data just like that. In fact, is fully up to date with the European General Data Protection Regulationso based on the provisions of this, parents can monitor whether their children have taken the school bus or if they have entered classes.

BatOnRoute is a platform that only works with sharing between parent and institution


For this to work, the representatives must use the app in agreement with the educational institution where their son or daughter studies. In this way, the school and only the school will be able to send notifications to parents of students about whether they have missed classes, to give just one example.

How do they do it? Well, it is not really through Wi-Fi as almost all of us surely come to think. Basically, the answer lies in the company name itself (BatOnRoute), which literally means Bat en route.

This references because the app comes to work through wavessomething that will make the notifications come yes or yes, even when the children do not have mobile data or connection, so they can be located at any time.

Batonroute and its different areas of employment

Apart from this mentioned use, it is also important to mention that BatOnRoute is aimed at public entities, transport companies, day centers/residences, among other sectors. In general, BatOnRoute turns out to be a most interesting and responsible service that at present, It has more than 120 thousand users, 9 thousand daily routes, more than 800 entities that use its services, etc..

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