An app shows that Apple continues to bet on digital car keys

Back in the year 2020, Apple announced that it was working on including an integration with cars in its Wallet application. Thus, the idea they had in Cupertino is to use the development that we have mentioned to open doors and even start the vehicle. A good idea is that, over time, no data on the corresponding evolution has been known. Until now.

At that time there was talk of a collaboration with BMW, so it was supposed to be in a somewhat more advanced phase than what is intuited right now, since Apple has not communicated anything at the firm’s events to show how is the development Things seem to be changing and, an example of what we say, is the appearance of an app called Car Key Test in the app store official of the firm led by Tim Cook.

What does this Apple application offer

The first thing to know is that the app is not available to all users, even if you do a search it cannot be found. The reason is quite simple to understand: Apple has published the software we are talking about for you to use. use by developers and car manufacturers who want to use the integration of opening doors in their vehicles with iPhones. In any case, in this link you can find the page where Car Key Test is located.


With it, you can from trying the optimization required for integration in the cars of the function we are talking about and, even, it is possible to proceed to the validation that the requirements for the use of this Apple function are met. It is also possible to use the application to know the security systems used. In short, it seems that since 2020 the company with the bitten apple has been working on all this and, possibly, with the collaboration of BMW… Come on, the work had not been cancelled, as is now evident.

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Collaboration with manufacturers is expanded

This is another of the things that have been known these days, since it seems that Apple is reaching different agreements with new manufacturers so that their cars achieve compatibility with the use of their digital key technology. A example of what we say would be KIA, which seems to be announcing its projects in a short time in this section of the future of cars that aims to spread like wildfire (and it will do so hand in hand with the firm that created the iPhone). Perhaps, this year at one of the events of the North American company we will have some official news that shows how advanced everything is.