AMP emails, a website to learn how to use them and see templates of this new format

email amp.jpg
email amp.jpg

Emails can be much more interactive than they are now. We can send an email with more advanced functions, with more than just a design and a set of links.

In order to have faster, safer and more useful emails, the possibility of using AMP technology for email was born relatively recently, and we already have a platform that facilitates its use.

AMP emails come with interactive elements like forms, surveys, carts, and widgets. According to some first studies, they improve the response rate of surveys by 257%, so it is clear that we must take advantage of the opportunity they offer us.

It is important to note that it only works in Gmail. AMP emails were launched 2 years ago, but still remain a big unknown among many marketers.

We now have the website, which helps us learn, explore, and exchange ideas about AMP emails.

The functions it offers are:

– Ability to test various types of AMP emails by sending them to our inbox.
– Learn about real-life use cases and the results of AMP vs. traditional emails.
– Participate in a forum to discuss problems and solutions with email experts.
– Read news on the subject to be always updated.

They are already preparing tools to help people get ready for AMP email, so it seems that they want to become a benchmark in this still very unknown sector.

Ampmails links directly to the platform, an email marketing platform that is compatible with AMP emails, and that has a free version with emails sent to up to 10,000 contacts.

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