AMD wants to use artificial intelligence to improve performance of NPCs in games

AMD wants to use artificial intelligence to improve performance of NPCs in games
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In recent months, ChatGPT has further increased the popularity of artificial intelligence, with companies such as Microsoft, NVIDIA and Google increasingly interested in applying these technologies to their products.

This week, David Wang and Rick Bergman, executives responsible for graphics performance at AMD, revealed that the next evolution is to make artificial intelligence within games even more complex and capable than we see today. They plan to turn the NPCs into more intelligent beings, increasing the difficulty for the player to complete their missions.

AMD executives plan to have the new AI-based feature available starting with the RDNA 4 architecture. The third version already has an AI accelerator through WMMA Matrix Multiplications, but they intend to outdo themselves with new models in the future to extract the best of this technology.

Wang believes that their plan will improve which we will see in the games:

The movement and behavior of enemies and NPCs are probably the biggest examples of the use of artificial intelligence in the cores. However, even if AI is used for image processing, it should be in charge of more advanced functions. More specifically, a topic that has been gaining attention concerns ‘neural graphics’ within the 3D industry, which may be more appropriate.

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According to the executive, the competitor’s plan is following another path:

The reason NVIDIA is actively using AI technology even for features that don’t need it is because they built a high-scale accelerator into the GPU. In order to make the technology effective, it seems that they are working on topics that need the use of many accelerators.

That’s their GPU strategy, which is spectacular, but I don’t think we should go with the same focus. We are working on including features that users want and need to take advantage of their GPUs. If not, the player is paying for something they will never use. We believe that the accelerators that should be included should be those that make games more advanced and fun.

Executives weren’t clear about when they plan to release the RDNA 4 architecture or how it improves in terms of efficiency and speed over the previous generation.

Are you looking forward to the more incisive use of artificial intelligence in games?