AMD unleashes 128-core Epyc ‘Bergamo’, trounces Intel’s most expensive CPU

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nexdfgcfovkwvx3nzydyzb 1200 80.jpg

AMD has unveiled its first cloud optimized processor, the EPYC “Bergamo” with up to 128 Zen 4c cores and 82 billion transistors in a single socket at its Data Center & AI Technology Premiere event in San Francisco on Tuesday.

The top-of-the-range processor, the Epyc 9754, is aimed at cloud native workloads that are popular with Arm vendors such as Ampere computing. The new core is smaller by 35% (and therefore cheaper to produce) using the same 5nm process as the original Zen 4 core and AMD claim that it offers the highest vCPU density available. That is achieved using fewer CCDs with more cores on each (16 vs 8).

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