AMD CEO to negotiate 3 and 2nm chip production with TSMC soon

Lisa Su, president and CEO of AMD, would be planning negotiate the production of processors with 3 and 2 nanometer lithography with TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor foundry company. According to information released by the DigiTimes Asia last Wednesday (21), conversations should start in mid-October.

The hardware company leader is expected to meet with CC Wei, CEO of TSMC, to discuss the future of their collaborations. The Taiwanese has been responsible for the foundry of processors and other logic components of the North American for more than a decade, and the joint business is expected to go beyond 2024.

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One of Lisa Su’s interests must be TSMC’s “N3P”, a technology for manufacturing transistors of just 3 nanometers. Lithography is expected to enter production in 2022, and one of the first companies to use this process is Apple. Also, the meeting should address the use of the 2 nanometer “N2” lithography.

Executives are also expected to discuss ordering plans for products that will be introduced in the near term by AMD. For now, the company uses the N5P process in its newly released Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” processors, which are the first desktop CPUs with 5nm lithography, ensuring better power efficiency.

Asian media reports contradict rumors that AMD would replace TSMC with Samsung in its supply chain. As previously speculated, the American was not satisfied with the foundry’s priorities in favor of Apple. With the gradual normalization of the market, the tension seems to be easing.

The expectation is that the AMD uses TSMC’s 3nm process in 2024 or 2025 with the release of the Zen 5c architecture. With even higher transistor density, the hypothetical Zen 6 architecture is expected to introduce the 2nm process in 2026.

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