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AMD Announces Launch of Ryzen 5000G Desktop Processors

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AMD Ryzen 5000G are the first processors for desktop computers with integrated graphics of the latest platform from the manufacturer and come to the market to complete an offer based on the ZEN 3 microarchitecture that already extends from large towers to mini-computers, passing through the versions for notebooks.

AMD has taken advantage of the Computex 2021 framework to launch its new APUs. How do you know this type of chips include CPU, GPU, memory controller and other components in the same die to achieve the maximum possible integration, in addition to a small size, great efficiency in performance per watt and a more economical solution than mounting a dedicated processor and graphics separately. Intel also uses this model in much of its processor catalog.

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The Ryzen 5000G are especially suitable for teams where integration, size and size matter. performance per watt, and for this reason they are ideal for use in mini-PCs or AIOs, and in general for any desktop computer that does not need the graphics power offered by dedicated ones such as the Radeon RX 6000M for laptops that AMD has just introduced.

AMD Ryzen 5000G

The new APUs, codename ‘Cezanne‘, retain the general advantages of the zen architecture 3 such as manufacturing in 7-nanometer technological processes, increased working frequencies, significant improvement in the IPC, more cache memory and greater graphic performance from the integrated Vega series.

Two have been the models presented, although later we expect other models that were leaked in previous months.

Ryzen 7 5700G

  • 8-core and 16-thread CPU
  • Working frequencies of 3.8 GHz and maximum of 4.6 GHz in turbo mode
  • 8-core Vega iGPU
  • 2.0 GHz operating frequency
  • 65 watts maximum TDP
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Ryzen 5 5600G

  • 6-core and 12-thread CPU
  • Working frequencies of 3.9 GHz and maximum of 4.4 GHz in turbo mode
  • 7-core Vega iGPU
  • Operating frequency at 1.9 GHz
  • 65 watts maximum TDP

Both chips feature 512KB of L2 cache per core and 16MB of shared L3 cache. They use the AM4 socket and are compatible with motherboards with AMD 500 series chipsets. To place them in performance levels AMD claims 5700G outperforms Core i7-11700 in a variety of game and content creation tasks, capable of running reliably up to FHD resolutions.

AMD Ryzen 5000G

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In terms of costs, the Ryzen 7 5700G has an official price of $ 359while the 5600G drops to $ 259, very content to create a basic desktop desktop or mini-PC for home theater. Both chips will be available from August 5, 2021 for sale in retail or included in equipment of several integrators.

AMD Ryzen 5000G

AMD has also introduced the PRO variant of these two APUs for professional applications and with additional management and security functions similar to the Intel vPro.

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