AMD and Qualcomm target Samsung as maker of their future 3nm chips: Apple ‘owns’ TSMC

AMD and Qualcomm target Samsung as maker of their future 3nm chips: Apple 'owns' TSMC
amd and qualcomm target samsung as maker of their future

Apple, various rumors claim, will be first in line when TSMC can make 3nm chips. The Cupertino company is TSMC’s preferred customer, and that is beginning to tire other manufacturers.

In fact both Qualcomm like AMD seem to have had enough of being second-rateAccording to sources close to the industry, both “have decided to transition their businesses to Samsung’s 3nm chip manufacturing services.”

Apple and TSMC against each other

The Taiwanese chain TTV was the one that reported the exhaustion of Qualcomm and AMD, indicating that there is a “fierce” battle to achieve the manufacture of next-generation chips, and the situation with TSMC and Apple has caused some companies to switch sides.

Thus, both AMD and Qualcomm will be Samsung’s first big customers and their 3nm lithographic process, which is expected to be ready to mass produce chips during the first half of 2022. We won’t see high-end processors until 2023, however.

That of course could even come in handy for TSMC, which according to Nikkei will soon see its agreements with Apple strengthened: in Cupertino they seem to be preparing to integrate their own 5G modems —And by the way to be able to kick Qualcomm, which must be doubly sore. They will start with TSMC N4 (4nm) technology, but will transition to N3 technology in 2023 and that will require even more resources from this semiconductor giant.