Amazon’s Prime Video will also get cheaper plan with ads

Amazon's Prime Video will also get cheaper plan with ads
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For a long time, Netflix remained the king of the streaming market, but with the arrival of new competitors, it had to deal with a violent loss of subscribers, finding new ways to keep profits high.

In addition to the recent block on password sharing, Netflix was the forerunner in launching a cheaper ad-supported plan, a model that was later adopted by HBO Max and Disney Plus. This week, Amazon announced that Prime Video will join the trend as well.

In a new Wall Street Journal article, Amazon unveiled ideas for a new cheaper plan with Prime Video ads. While the idea is currently still in the early stages, these conversations have started to develop among the company’s leadership.

Unlike other platforms, Prime Video is included in a package of other services guaranteed by the Prime subscription, which in addition to streaming movies and series, also offers access to Amazon Music, free shipping on purchases on Amazon, and other benefits.

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It is worth remembering that Prime Video also offers the possibility of joint subscription to other Streaming services, in addition to renting recent releases.

For now, we still don’t know what the value of the new subscription will be, the amount of ads or if this cheaper plan will arrive in Europe, but it seems that Netflix has launched yet another market trend.

Are you in favor of ad-supported streaming plans?


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