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Amazon’s new Kindle surprises by combining reading and writing for the first time

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Users who were waiting for a new Amazon Kindle device that goes beyond the specific improvements it makes year after year are now in luck. Amazon, through its hardware event held today, surprises the community of users of Kindle devices with the official presentation of the new Kindle Scribe, the first Kindle device that unites reading with writing in the same Kindle device.

It has a level screen premium that allows to convey a writing experience similar in nature to the sensation of writing on physical paper.

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In this regard, it is the 10.2” and 300 dpi Paperwhite screen, the first of its kind in the world, and with anti-glare capacity, providing more space to be able to see texts, graphics, illustrations with greater quality and sharpness. , and more of the books and documents, among other contents.

It also has a directly connected stylus, so it is not necessary to charge it, adhering to the device magnetically on the side of it, being able to choose a basic stylus or a stylus premiumobtaining in both cases more than acceptable levels of precision and of great quality.

With the basic pen, users will have a series of tools to make strokes, underline important parts, as well as being able to erase and undo, all through the writing menu on the screen itself.

With the pencil Premiumwhich can be purchased separately, users will also have an eraser and a configurable quick action button to quickly switch between different writing options, such as pencil, marker, among other options.

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In addition, it has self-regulating front lighting, and a battery, which they say, is designed for up to 12 weeks, and all this in a device that is only 5.8mm thick, and manufactured using 100% recycled aluminum and 48% of post-consumer recycled plastics in it, and can be taken anywhere.

New features include Kindle’s Digital Notes feature to annotate millions of books, add comments to documents, keep a personal journal, create to-do lists, and more, where users can build on existing templates .

Amazon adds that:

All notebooks are automatically saved and backed up to the cloud for free. Additionally, starting in early 2023, these will also be accessible through the Kindle app.

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Users will also find the Send to Kindle function, which makes it possible to import documents from a computer or mobile phone to work on it from Kindle Scribe. It is also possible to import Word documents and web pages and other file formats, adjust the typography and formatting, as well as being able to write on them.

And he adds that starting in early 2023, it will also be possible to send documents directly to Kindle Scribe directly from Microsoft Word.

The new Kindle Scribe, like all other Kindle devices, comes with instant access to the Kindle Store, with a library of more than 13 million titles, where those who buy this device will have free access to Kindle Unlimited for four months, which offers access to millions of titles, including: fiction, comics, a wide selection of magazines, and new non-fiction book additions.

Its price will start from 369.99 euros, and you can choose 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage, and you can also choose leather cases available in different color options.

More Info/Image Credit: Amazon

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