Amazon to announce proposal for acquisition of EA this Friday (26)

After several rumors about the acquisition of Electronic Arts, with interested parties like Apple, Disney and Microsoft, another giant may have closed the deal.

According to information, Amazon may release details about the deal this Friday (26).

The article on the GLHF website says that the responsible for gigantic franchises such as FIFA, Apex Legends, Madden NFL and The Sims closed a deal to be acquired by Amazon, beating other industry giants such as Disney, Apple and Microsoft, who had an interest in the company.

This would be a very interesting move by Amazon, which has been bringing great productions to Prime Video. After the success of The Witcher and Arcane on Netflix, Amazon could use Electronic Arts franchises for new movies and series. Among them, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Dead Space.

Some of EA’s games. Disclosure.

Another point is that Amazon could rival its rival, Netflix, which has been investing heavily in the sector in recent years. It offers free games with its subscription and intends to insist on this, even if the initiative is not succeeding. Amazon could count on Electronic Arts studios to strengthen its mobile catalog.

In recent years, Amazon has also released its own games such as New World and Lost Ark. It is also worth remembering that the company has its cloud game streaming service, called Amazon Luna. With the acquisition of Electronic Arts, it could strengthen its catalog and expand its presence in the games market.

It was not revealed by how much the acquisition was closed, but it is expected to be one of the biggest deals in the tech industry, as it was with Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, which had the agreement closed in January by US$ 68.7 billion (~R$ 371 billion).

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