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Amazon, the offers on Echoes continue: today it’s Echo Spot’s turn!

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Amazon, the offers on Echoes continue: today it's Echo Spot's turn!

After the bomb offer on Echo Plus with Philips Hue bulb, we return to talk about the promotions proposed by Amazon on their smart speakers. Today is the turn of Echo Spot, the model with the more compact display, which can be purchased at a very advantageous price.

Specifically, the device is available for 89.99 Euros, 40 Euros less than the 129.99 Euros in the price list, for a saving of 31%.

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Echo Spot it is distinguished from the larger models by its more compact screen and its rounded shape, which in all respects resembles an alarm clock. Designed to adapt to any type of environment, it is obviously based on Alexa and can show lots of information, including the shopping list, things to do and more. And then compatible with Spotify and Amazon Music for listening to songs, as well as with TuneIn for radios. Echo Spot also supports external speakers, which are added to the integrated ones, through the 3.5mm stereo cable. It can clearly control devices for the smart home: for example, it is able to turn on the lights, control the thermostats, the sockets and much more, and it also supports the drop-in function and Skype for calls.

Their delivery is guaranteed by July 24th, a sign that the demand is high.

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