Amazon Spain does not confirm whether it will launch what could be the best-selling Echo smart speaker of Christmas

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amazon spain does not confirm whether it will launch what.jpg

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Amazon has recently put a new Echo smart speaker model on sale in the United States, but nothing had been said about its availability in Spain. Taking into account that it may be the model that sells the most in the Christmas campaignwe wanted to ask Amazon what its plans are for its launch in our country.

The Echo that has recently been marketed in North America is the Echo Pop Kids in its new exclusive editions of The Avengers and Disney Princesses. To summarize, imagine that you have a speaker with Alexa optimized for use by children and that, in addition, it has all its phrases, expressions and personalized content taking into account the characters of these two franchises from the world of entertainment. It is obvious that all the children who see it will want to have it in their room.

At the moment, without confirmation

As a parent, I know very well that my kids would like to have a version of Alexa that understood them better and was more in line with their interests. The truth is that, why are we going to fool ourselves, I would even wear the Echo from The Avengers myself to see if I can get information from Alexa about the habits of my favorite superheroes. Therefore, after seeing the news of the presentation in the United States of these editions, the first thing I thought about was buying one for Christmas.

New Amazon Echo Pop Kids from Marvel and Princesses



But, for now, it seems that it will not be possible. At least, for now. When we asked Amazon Spain if it had intentions of marketing the speaker in our country, its response was the following: “As you know, at Amazon we do not comment on future plans.” And although it is fair that They do not want to reveal their intentions, we get the feeling that perhaps, as November approaches, it is unlikely that they will be preparing its commercialization before the end of the year. In reality, the expression “in the future” makes us fear that we will have to wait longer than we would like. And no, buying the speaker in the .com version of Amazon is not a solution, since it is not shipped to Spain. Now we explain the reason and also what is the alternative that, for the moment, Amazon provides us in our country.

Fun for children between 3 and 12 years old

These new custom speakers use a silicone case and faceplate that integrate into the Echo Glow, selling directly as a custom model. If the child were to lift the plate, parents could follow the instructions to put it all back together. Its use is aimed at the little ones, who can get the most out of it. Amazon Kids+ subscription service, which is not yet available in Spain. In our country we can only access the free version, Amazon Kids, which also allows us to customize the use of some of the Alexa speakers so that they are optimized for use by the youngest.

Avengers smart speaker

Perhaps, the lack of this subscription service in our country is one of the impediments that, for now, leads to these versions of Marvel and Disney not reaching our market. Each of these Echo for children, as we told you, is personalized in terms of the content that children will encounter. Although we have not been able to prove them, it is indicated that the jokes made, the greetings and all other aspects of the conversation are focused on each of the topics. So, for example, we imagine that in the version of The Avengers there will be the occasional “Avengers, assemble!” when you start a conversation with Alexa. And in the Disney Princess version you may hear melodies or comments related to the movies that children know.

Apart from this, the debut of these two Echo Pop Kids It is carried out in combination with Hey Disney!, a new artificial intelligence assistant that will accompany children to give them more fun. This is a service already included in Amazon Kids+ and allows you to interact with many of the Disney characters to perform all kinds of actions. For example, you can count on Olaf’s help to set reminders or Mickey to ask you what the weather is today. This also enables you to listen to Disney stories and enjoy other content related to the Disney universe. Of course, Amazon guarantees maximum privacy in all conversations.

Amazon Echo Pop Kids Disney Princess model

Although everything is personalized for children, parents still have access to parental controls so they can personalize it even more. That said, Echo Pop Kids connect with services like Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music, as well as other services like Audible. With the Marvel and Disney speaker 6 free months of the Kids+ service are included, but at the end of this offer the payment to be made in the United States is not very high: $4.99.

For now, as we told you, in Spain we only have access to Amazon Kids, a mode that can be activated on the speakers through the Alexa application. It’s not bad at all as a service either. offers a good number of functions, but the truth is that we would love for Amazon Kids+ and the Avengers and Princesses Echo to also be available to the Spanish public. Amazon, make it happen!



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