Amazon solves the problem to control the lights with its Alexa speakers

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1702539025 amazon solves the problem to control the lights with its.jpg

Amazon Echo

One of the most recommended uses of the Amazon Echo is to control our smart home. It is not only practical for listening to music or knowing what we are going to do each day by listening to our appointments on the calendar, but it is also an excellent option for home automation. But for days, Amazon Echo users have not been able to turn the lights on or off using Alexa voice commands. The speaker does not recognize the command.

Many Amazon Echo users have complained in recent weeks about an issue where the device was not recognizing commands to control the lights. If you have smart light bulbs you can tell Amazon, using Alexa, to turn them off or on. Alexa, turn off the living room lights. Alexa, turn on the bedroom lights. But now the Echo not only did not do so, but it responded without understanding the order that had been given to it.

According to user complaints on internet forums, Alexa responded that it could not find any device or group called lights. You can turn on the linked bulbs one by one but the error appeared and there was no solution when it was a group of these. That is, an entire room. In addition to other similar responses such as the server not responding, the device not responding or even asking the users what they meant because they did not understand what was being asked even though they did it like every day.

Problem solved

Fortunately, Amazon is solving the problem. From the Android Authority media they report that the company has already responded to the email in which it was asked about the error with the lighting controls. From Amazon they assure that the problem is solved.

Amazon Echo speaker with Alexa

According to the Amazon spokesperson, The company had a brief issue that affected the ability of some Alexa customers to interact with the service but that the smart speaker service is now working normally.

Errors on Amazon

In the event of a fault with the Amazon Echo speaker, there are many options that we can take into account to fix the device and that we can try if it does not work correctly. The first thing you can do is check that the speaker has an internet connection with sufficient coverage to access the network. But there are other steps we can take to solve it.

smart bulb

The first thing you can do is check that you have the most recent version of the application installed on your mobile phone. If so, you can also restart the Echo device. Amazon recommends restarting the speaker. To do this, unplug the device and wait thirty seconds to plug it back in.

If none of this helps, Reset Echo device to default settings or contact Amazon customer service for instructions on how to proceed if the problem persists.

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