Amazon shakes up its line of Echo devices with the arrival of the Echo Pop and more


Amazon expands its line of Echo devices with the official presentation of the new Echo Pop and Echo Show 5, and also announces the arrival in Spain of the latest version of Echo Auto to have Alexa capabilities also in the cars themselves.

But without a doubt, the most attention is being taken by Echo Pop for its innovative design in the shape of a semi-sphere and for its striking colors with which it reaches the market, where users can choose between the Lavender, Teal, Anthracite color options. and Blanco, obtaining their units at the price of 54.99 euros.

Echo Pop, innovating in design

Users can have more colors for their Echo Pop devices through the variety of covers available in Blue, Red, Orange, Grey, Lilac, Purple and Phosphorescent at the price of 22.99 euros.

Amazon affirms that this new model that becomes part of its Echo product catalog has a front speaker capable of offering powerful sound anywhere in the home, in addition to the AZ2 Neural Edge processor of its own development.

From here, users will be able to use the Alexa features they want most, from requesting general information to requesting the playback of audiobooks, music, as well as managing compatible connected devices, and more considering that it comes standard with compatibility with Matter .

New Echo Show 5, 20% faster than the previous generation

But in addition to what may be the new darling of the house, time may prove right, Amazon has also presented the new version of Echo Show 5, its smart screen device with which users can also view the images taken by Ring cameras, view your shopping list, and more.

Amazon says that this version is 20% faster than the previous one, with a completely new speaker system, which doubles the power of the bass and provides even clearer sound when playing any content.

The company has also used its own self-developed AZ2 Neural Edge processor and has integrated a new set of completely redesigned microphones. Users will be able to purchase this device, choosing between the Anthracite, White and Blue Gray color options, at the price of 109.99 euros.

New Echo Auto already in Spain

Echo Car

And finally, Amazon announces the official arrival of its latest version of Echo Auto, which makes it possible to safely use Alexa capabilities inside the car, without having to take your hand off the wheel.

Amazon highlights qualities such as its slimmer design, with an adhesive mount that offers more options for installing it in the car, in addition to the five integrated microphones that allow Alexa to listen to requests without problems, even in ambient noise.

The capabilities are more or less imaginable, only since it is intended to be used in cars, it is more likely that users can use it, in addition to listening to podcasts and other sound content, to manage connected devices in the home such as the thermostat. , light, among other aspects.

Amazon offers this product at the price of 69.99 euros.

Privacy and sustainability

The company emphasizes that the Alexa and Echo products have multiple layers of privacy protection built in, where in the case of the Echo devices, users will have a button to activate / deactivate the microphone, the new Echo Show has a cover for the camera, and in any case, users will be able to view and delete the voice recordings made.

In terms of respect for the environment, Amazon says that the new devices have the Climate Pledge Friendly label and are Carbon Trust certified, in addition to pointing out that the Echo Pop and Echo Show 5 fabric is made with 100% recycled yarn. post-consumer, and both devices also feature a low-power mode.

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