Amazon Prime Video not working well on your Android TV or Google TV? This is how it is solved

One of the best streaming platforms you can have is Amazon Prime. To begin with, its price is laughable, since it is included in the Prime subscription to have all shipping costs free when buying any product in the online sales giant.

And the truth is that Amazon has worked really well to include its on-demand content service. Mainly because, for 4.99 euros per month you have Amazon Prime Video, all the benefits of Amazon Prime, access to Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Photos so you can upload unlimited content to the cloud. What more can you ask!

But, although it is true that Amazon Prime Video offers a most complete catalog and where you will find series of the likes of The Boys or Jack Ryan, as well as movies like Smile among others, You have a problem: your Smart TV app crashes a lot.

Fixes all problems with Amazon Prime Video in one go

I personally use this platform a lot.. I am addicted to series, and the fact that Amazon Prime Video has the great Monk series in its catalog has made it one of my favorite platforms.


But at the level of usability it cannot be compared to Netflix. It is true that they recently updated the Amazon Prime Video interface to make it more intuitive, but it still has many chiaroscuro.

Especially in those moments when it “saturates” and the app stops working correctly. Surely it has happened to you more than once that, when trying to access Amazon Prime Video, it keeps loading on the home screen.

Well, you should know that, if you have a television or multimedia player with Android TV or Google TV, you will not have to restart your television to fix any issues on Amazon Prime Video.

Instead, what we are going to do is force the application to close so that the loading data that caused this error is deleted. And, seeing the process to follow, it’s much faster than turning the TV off and on.

  • First, go to Settings on your TV by tapping on your profile photo located at the top right of the interface.
  • Now, click on Settings
  • Within Settings, you must go to applications
  • Find Amazon Prime Video and select Close App.
  • Now, if you want to start the service, click Open.

If you have followed the steps correctly, Amazon Prime Video will open without any problem. A very simple trick to perform and that will not take you more than a few seconds.

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