Amazon Music goes for all: it becomes free for Prime users


One of the best alternatives to Spotify is Amazon Music, the music platform of the online sales giant. A service that does not stop gaining new users and that will now be free for Prime users. In this way, if you pay for the Amazon Prime subscription, you will be able to enjoy all the free shipping, exclusive discounts, Amazon Photos and now Amazon Music is added, although in a limited way. The truth is that Amazon has received a severe setback due to the failure of the first season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and the platform wants to recover part of that lost prestige. And nothing better than giving a gift to your customers so that they continue betting on this service. Amazon Music is now free for Prime users Say that the official price of Amazon Music is 4.99 euros per month, in addition to being able to contract an annual plan of 50 euros. If you were a Prime user you could add your own songs to Amazon Music to listen to them, but its millions of songs available in the database could not be used. Until now. In this way, Amazon Music is added to the services included in Prime so that you do not lack options. In this way, if you have an active subscription you will be able to enjoy the more than 50 million songs available on Amazon Music without having to pay for the subscription. With this, you will be able to listen not only to all the available tracks, but also to the podcasts and other content included in Amazon Music. You can even download content to listen to it when you don’t have an Internet connection. What limitations does Amazon Music have for Prime users Of course, there are a series of limitations. For example, if we want to enjoy music in high resolution, we will have to contract Amazon Music Unlimited for 9.99 euros per month. Also, the other big drawback of the version of Amazon Music for Prime users is that the music will always be played in random mode. And if you don’t pay, there will be no way to organize the playback order. You will also have limitations when skipping tracks. An evil to take into account when assessing the advantages of this gift that the sales giant has made. In any case, the arrival of Amazon Music to Prime users is excellent news for all users who are subscribed to this service. So, if you are among them, know that you can now enjoy Amazon Music, although with certain limitations. >

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