Amazon launches in Spain the new Echo Pop, Echo Show 5 and Echo Auto

The company Amazon has announced today new devices in its Echo range, all offering compatibility with the Alexa voice assistant. With these additions, the well-known online store now offers a wide catalog of options so that all users are able to find what they need for their homes, and always with great quality and very competitive prices.

According to the statements of Eric SaarnioVice President of Amazon Devices International, “These new devices give customers more choice and utility at an incredible value. And, as with previous models, these devices will continue to improve as we add even more Alexa-powered generative experiences. by AI during the year”.

The new Amazon Echo arriving in Spain

These are the three models that since they can already be achieved in our country, regularly accessing the online store that Amazon has. They are the following:

EchoShow 5

The Echo Show 5 offers the perfect combination between the utility Alexa and the convenience of a compact screen. With this device, users can enjoy various features such as watching the news in the morning, checking the front door via Ring cameras, checking the shopping list, and making video calls with friends and family with ease.


The new generation of the Echo Show 5 has been greatly improved compared to its predecessor. Is 20% faster and features a completely revamped speaker system, delivering louder, clearer sound, especially when listening to music. Plus, it features a redesigned microphone array and the AZ2 Neural Edge processor.

One standout feature is that both the Echo Show 5 is compatible with Matter with Matter, making it simple to connect and control cross-brand devices in the digital home. Its price is 109.99 euros.

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This is a recent addition to the Echo family and features a design redesigned in the form of a hemisphere. It comes in two new color options: Lavender and Teal, and is available for just €54.99. This device is equipped with the powerful Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor and has a front-facing speaker that delivers powerful sound.


The Echo Pop is perfect to be used in bedrooms, apartments or any small corner of the home, since its compact design adapts to any space. With this device, you can use Alexa without limitations and is compatible with Matter.

Echo Car

The latest generation of the Echo Auto is now available for purchase in Spain. This device has been designed to enjoy the functions of Alexa without having to take your hands off the wheel in vehicles that do not have Artificial Intelligence support. with a new slimmer designincludes an adhesive mount that provides greater flexibility when placing it in the car.


It has five built-in microphones that allow Alexa to hear you even over the noise of the air conditioning, the road or the music that is playing. With the new Echo Auto, you can add Alexa to your car and enjoy features like listening to music, making calls, and Drop In to compatible Echo devices. In addition, you can control compatible devices Smart Home while you’re behind the wheel. You’ll be able to ask Alexa to set the thermostat, turn off the lights, check to see if the front door is locked, and more—even when you’re away from home. It can be obtained for 69.99 euros.

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