Amazon has sold more than 420,000 dangerous products

amazon dryer defective

The Amazon marketplace allows you to access a multitude of products with the Amazon warranty and protection. The problem is that many of these products may do not comply with the regulations the country in which they are received, such as a toy that comes from China. Now, the US consumer protection agency has found that Amazon has sold more than 400,000 dangerous products.

So much so, that Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has sued the company because it found that many products sold there were dangerous. For example, there were children’s clothing that was flammable, dryers that were not properly insulated and could electrocute people, or carbon monoxide detectors that did not work.

At least 420,000 dangerous products sold

All of these products were sold by outside vendors. The agency estimates that they were sold 24,600 carbon monoxide detectors Y 398,000 dryers of hair dangerous, but you don’t know how many flammable children’s pajamas were sold. All the products were “Fulfilled by Amazon.”

The CPSC states that it is rare for them to file a lawsuit against a company rather than collaborating with it to have products sold on Amazon recalled. The commission notified Amazon before the lawsuit, and it recalled the products that were for sale and alerted buyers, but they do not want to be held legally responsible for the sale of these products.

Amazon has returned the money to affected customers

Amazon has defended itself against the accusations by saying that it has asked customers to destroy the products, in addition to having returned all the money they paid. On other products that the CPSC says, Amazon says they have not given them enough information to remove them from sale. In addition, they do not understand the purpose of the lawsuit, when they have already returned the money and informed consumers of the danger of using those products, and have told them to break or throw them away.

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These types of cases demonstrate the gray area in which online stores that act as marketplaces for third parties move, since it is very difficult for regulators to determine what counts as a seller and to what extent the sales portal is responsible for the products. sold on the platform. Amazon has always defended that it is not responsible for the products that are sold on its platform, since they claim that they are a simple service that connects buyers and sellers.