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Amazon has a smart fitting room waiting for you with the clothes you want to buy

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We all know the many attempts that Amazon has made with the intention of not only remaining the leader in online commerce, but also enjoying a similar position in the real world. For example, that of those fresh produce supermarkets where we pay with the palm of our hand. Now Amazon has wanted to go a step further, completely changing the conception of what we think a fitting room in a typical clothing store should be. You know, those places that collapse when the sales arrive and that end the day with a mountain of clothes that the potential customers who entered there with the intention of buying them have not taken. Intelligence reaches the fitting rooms What Amazon has designed and launched in its first fashion store is nothing more than a fitting room that is already waiting for us with the clothes we want to try on, or buy directly. We just have to walk around the store, scan the QR codes of the clothes we like and that we want to try on (specifying the sizes) so that, after a few minutes, we receive an alert on the smartphone screen. And what will they tell us there? Well, the dressing room that they have assigned us has such a number, and that inside we can find those blouses, pants, accessories, coats or whatever we have selected hanging on hangers. Once inside, we will have a touch screen with which we can request new garments, or the same ones with sizes that fit us better, etc. The idea is that buyers use this fitting room resource in a rational way, without queues and within an environment completely adapted to the tastes of the potential client, who will not be harassed by the dozens of people waiting anxiously outside the rooms. . But that is not the usefulness of these testers. Amazon wants you to not even need to set foot in the store and that is why it will allow you to choose those garments directly from the comfort of your home, on your mobile screen, and ask them to send you to your dressing room everything that you want to take with you, to the indicated time, go to the store with everything ready so that we only have to try on and pay. We will even have mirrors that will tell us if what we are wearing fits us just right and we need some other size. >

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