Amazon Fire TVs are going to include a new and useful function, what is it about?

the players Amazon Fire TV They are some of the best on the market, since, among other things, they offer an excellent quality/price ratio. But this does not mean that there are no options that can be improved. The online store that is preparing an update which will be very useful for users.

As indicated, what is sought with the new function is to offer much more precise information than what is shown in the contents of other platforms. Specifically in those that are being seen. In this way, users will get much more out of adding access to streaming video service applications other than Amazon’s own (Prime Video).

An improvement in the Fire TV that equals them with the Google TV

What will come is that since the update is installed it is that in the sections of the platforms that are not Prime Video, such as Netflix or Disney +, when the option is reviewed Seen recently, things are going to be quite different…and for the better.. The reason is that the access to the information will be much better and, therefore, the inaccuracy of what is currently displayed will be history.


Basically, what will be achieved is that the applications that share their activities, such as those of video platforms, will be displayed accurately. Consequently, You will be able to know at a glance the chapter you are watching or go to the next in the series that you want and you have started to watch. Obviously, this will only be done with media that are trusted, How is the case. Come on, it is a function that to date did not work well on Fire TV and that is going to be solved. Excellent news.

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Something of the most interesting thing is that the data that will be obtained will include the playbacks from other devices which are not Amazon’s own. In this way, if half of a chapter of a Netflix series has been seen on the Smart TV, this will be known on the Fire TVs and, therefore, you will be able to continue viewing from this point without any major problem.

Arrival of the update

Well, there is no specific date for it, but from the data that is available, before summer the new option we are talking about is expected to be part of the Amazon players. This option equals the Fire TV with the Chromecast with Google TV and Apple TV, and it is one more step for these accessories to be the most recommended that exist today.