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Amazon Drive closes, when will Dropbox’s rival stop working?

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Cloud storage services are most useful. With them, you can save all kinds of files and have them on any device (as long as you have an Internet connection). amazon has its own, little known, everything must be said, and it has just been learned that it will close in no time. The name of the service in question is Amazon drive, and it offers all the options that are common in this type of tool. Therefore, it easily competes against other options such as Microsoft’s Dropbox or OneDrive. As a result, and despite the fact that the price of Prime rises from now on, the company will subtract one of its possibilities (which you access using this link and which has a client for iOS and Android). The reasons for the closure of Amazon Prime As indicated by the online store itself, this service is becoming obsolete, and, therefore, it is preferred to focus efforts on Amazon Photos (which allows you to save images and videos, and which is a great option now that Google stops offering free space for the Photos app). Also, it is important to note that this affects everyone, no matter where you live and what type of account you have. It is important to mention that if the stored data, no matter how small, if it has not been downloaded on the closing date established by Amazon, it will no longer be accessible. Therefore, it is important that you get all of them using the link provided above for the web client and, in this way, you will not lose anything. This is vitally important. Service closure date This will be gradual. There are three steps that will be taken so that, at the final moment, it is impossible to access the information that is stored in Amazon Drive. These are the dates you should keep in mind: October 31, 2022: mobile applications will no longer be available in official stores and also in Amazon’s own. This will make it impossible to install and its operation will be deprecated. January 31, 2023: no more files can be sent to cloud storage, those already stored will still be accessible. This, by the way, does not affect Amazon Photos. December 31, 2023: This is the day for the end of Amazon Drive, and if you have not saved the information it will no longer be accessible. Again, it does not affect Photos, but it is important that you mark this date on the calendar if you are one of those who have saved files in this service. In short, the death date of Amazon Drive is known, a storage service that works well, but has not had the impact that the company would have liked. It has not advanced like other options on the market, so it makes sense that its end is scheduled. There’s not much left to do but say bye, bye. >

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