Amazon Clinic, the new telemedicine platform launched by the Internet giant


Amazon launched a new service that is integrated into its range of benefits: Amazon Clinic, which in the company’s words, is described as a marketplace or “showcase” of virtual health.

In this digital space, its users can search, connect and pay for their telemedicine care, addressing a variety of popular queries under this modality.

Amazon’s new telemedicine platform

Amazon Clinic will initially launch for the US market, covering 32 states in its first stage of deployment. The services offered by this channel will not work with health insurance and the rates will vary depending on the offer of each provider registered on this platform, the conditions of service and the location of these professionals.

Amazon already has experience in this area. Previously, it had Amazon Care, a telemedicine platform (today closed) dedicated exclusively to its own employees. In addition, in July the company acquired One Medicala primary care provider.

Before this announcement was made official, about a week ago, the then eventual launch of this service by the video leak on YouTube featuring him. After having some media coverage, he was quickly removed from the platform.

Now, already officially releasedAmazon Clinic seeks to establish itself as an alternative focused on reducing the gap in access to timely and effective medical care for ailments that cannot be solved with a simple visit to a pharmacy, but that do not require face-to-face care, with the physical and economic efforts involved.

Additionally, other conditions covered by this service, in addition to acne and conjunctivitis, include refills for asthma, birth control, cold sores, dandruff, eczema, erectile dysfunction, eyelash growth, genital herpes, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). ), hay fever, hyperlipidemia refills, hypertension refills, hypothyroidism refills, men’s hair loss, migraines, sinusitis, smoking cessation, urinary tract infections (UTIs), yeast infections, among other common ailments.

The medical prescriptions issued through these services are free to be used at any pharmacy. However, it can be glimpsed that Amazon’s strategy is to integrate this Amazon Clinic with Amazon Pharmacy, a service that until now has not been very profitable for the company, but which could be boosted with the emergence of this new platform, expanding its commercial funnel. .

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