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Amazon already sells books written by ChatGPT

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 The marketing of content produced by artificial intelligences It is gradually being incorporated into the digital market. Amazon added to its virtual catalog of books some that were partially or totally written by ChatGPT the software created by Open AI.

The American company added more than 200 titles to the Kindle Store in which artificial intelligence appears as author or co-author and even a whole subcategory was generated in the store in which only this type of text appears, including manuals, children’s books, science fiction stories, texts with illustrations also generated with artificial intelligence among others.

The texts that are offered in this section of the book store of Amazon They have varied prices ranging from 0 dollars (although this is only obtained if you have an active subscription monthly), up to 20 dollars only for virtual editions. Physical versions of some books are also offered at this price, but users with a subscription payment plan can reduce this amount.

Although it is usual and it is recommended that people who use ChatGPT to increase the speed of their production indicate that they are using the artificial intelligence to write their texts, it is also possible to find authors who, on the contrary, claim responsibility for the book completely.

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Author Frank White used ChatGPT's artificial intelligence to write a book and publish it on Amazon's online store. (Capture)

Author Frank White used ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence to write a book and publish it on Amazon’s online store. (Capture)

However, although he appears as the sole author of the text, he made a video on his channel Youtube in which he explained step by step, how he “wrote” the book of more than 119 pages in less than a day. For this, he used ChatGPT to describe the set of characters, situations and relationships that all the people involved in the story have, so that artificial intelligence then used the resources provided by the content creator to describe complete scenes and interactions between them.

“It’s not artificial intelligence doing all the work. You are making a team with her because the AI ​​​​is increasing your ability to write ”, White indicates in the video published on Youtube. In addition, he added that he considers it possible to create an approximate 300 novels “if a person takes this seriously and did this every day.”

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Despite the fact that the co-author of Galactic Pimp indicated that the text would be sold for one dollar in the Amazon store, it currently has the price of zero dollars in case users wish to download it on kindle and of 12 dollars if people are interested in acquiring the physical version of the text.

Amazon offers books written with artificial intelligence as part of its virtual catalog. (Capture)

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Amazon offers books written with artificial intelligence as part of its virtual catalog. (Capture)

Lindsay Hamilton, spokesperson for Amazontold Reuters that all books published in the virtual store should comply with all current intellectual property regulations. Despite this, it was not indicated whether there is a specific regulation on the use of artificial intelligence to create texts that are marketed on the platform.


Although there is no official position on the part of the company on the use of ChatGPT in the production of books or copyright, this would not be the first controversy in which this type of software in the discussion about the authorship of the works.

Last year, Shutterstock announced that it would start selling stock photos produced by DALL-E2 and divided opinions were generated in this regard, since this type of software obtains Internet resources belonging to other people to generate their own products, which could generate inconveniences when complying with privacy regulations. Copyright.

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