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Amazfit GTS 4 Mini: extra features that make a difference? | Analysis / Review

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Officially announced for the Europeian market at the beginning of last August, the amazfit GTS 4 Mini arrived under the proposal of delivering a set almost as complete as the normal variant, but charging a little less for it.

Now, the watch is on our bench and all the details of this “reduced” version you can see below, in our full review.

construction and design

Sold in four colors: mint blue (green), flamingo pink (pink), midnight black (black) and moonlight white (golden), the GTS 4 Mini comes with common items for this type of product, surrounded by an instruction manual, certificates and proprietary magnetic charger.

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Keeping the design pattern that we are used to seeing in this line, with features that are very reminiscent of the Apple Watch, the Amazfit watch features a good set of materials, with a silicone strap, a case that mixes aluminum and hard plastic, and a front and bottom with glass finish. All this, waterproof.

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Weighing 19 grams, with only one button located on the right side, the wearable brings most of the sensors reserved for the bottom, while the front panel carries a good 1.65-inch AMOLED screen with 309 dpi definition.

The edges of the display are relatively thin, but it still keeps the goal of occupying the entire front with just the screen at bay.

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The device also has sensors for automatic brightness adjustment and its display has the Always On feature, which keeps the display always on, bringing the wearable operation closer to a common watch; although the resource can directly impact autonomy.

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Therefore, we can see that we have a very competent set in our hands and that Amazfit’s design choices were in good taste, and it is possible to observe a certain care of the brand with regard to details – something that should please a large part of potential users.


And if the design and construction do not disappoint, depending on the user’s intention, the embedded system is something that can be left to be desired. That’s because when lifting all the points, it can still be difficult to call the GTS 4 Mini a smartwatch.

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Putting it in a brief comparison, the Amazfit watch can only be considered as an enhanced activity monitor.

Here, we have all the requirements fulfilled to compose a device of this type, being possible to monitor your stress rates, steps taken, heart rate, blood oxygenation, hours of sleep and the rates of your training sessions.

Altogether, there are more than 120 training modalities available, with options ranging from walking outdoors to swimming in the sea, pool or river; and all activities in the open air can have their movement properly recorded thanks to the built-in GPS.

But what about the differences?

Still playing with the comparisons, when placing the GTS 4 Mini next to a smartband like the Xiaomi Band 7, for example, we have some important differentials – which may, in the eyes of some users, justify the price difference between the devices or between this is a cheaper watch.

In addition to bringing a larger screen, the GTS has some additional features, with the alternative to install mini apps and the possibility of using Amazon’s Alexa.

That’s right! The device counts the retail giant’s virtual assistant. Just press and hold the side button or access the widget available in the watch menus to access the feature.

However, to work, the wearable needs to be properly paired with the smartphone – since it doesn’t have its own internet connection – and an Amazon account needs to be logged in with the company’s app; which we’ll talk more about later.

Unfortunately, there is no way to ask the assistant to make calls through the watch. In fact, unlike what is seen in the “normal” version of the GTS, it is not possible to receive or make calls through the device.

Anyway, thanks to the built-in microphone, the requests are understood by the assistant quite clearly, without necessarily having to bring the watch too close to the mouth.

As for the mini apps, here we have the possibility to slightly extend the usability of the Amazfit watch – although, as said, it is still difficult to classify the wearable as a smartwatch.

These mini apps, which can be accessed through the App Store on Zeep, extend the clock’s usefulness centimeters further, being very punctual. Forget Spotify, Strava, Google Fit and others; here you will find options like Calculator, Water Time, Brushing Teeth etc.

The only apps present that communicate with third parties are Notify for Gclock and Notify for Maps. These, to interact with Google’s clock and map apps.


Still dealing with the application, but going to the cell phone, here, entering into an agreement with ZeppOS, which is the system embedded in the 4 Mini, we have the company’s app, Zeep.

This, with the information collected by the wearable, is able to maintain a complete history of the user’s data, keeping a record of steps taken, physical activity sessions performed, heart rate, stress and oxygenation rates, information about the menstrual cycle, sleep etc.

With the device properly connected via Bluetooth, the app also allows the user to make more advanced adjustments in what involves taking measurements, setting alarms and objectives, and choosing new displays for the screen.

In addition to the standard watch face, it is possible to choose and sync a new watchface from a “store” built into Zeep itself. This one has many options available, with displays divided into a wide variety of categories – and most of the options make good use of the device’s AMOLED screen.

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Equipped with a 270 mAh battery that can be charged in just under 2 hours, the autonomy of the GTS 4 Mini is good, but not surprising.

In our tests, with Always On activated, two 1-hour training sessions, continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring, the watch was able to withstand 8 days away from power outlets – as disclosed by Amazfit itself.

Thus, when we put the device’s autonomy in front of simpler activity monitors, such as some smartbands, we notice that it is ahead of a few days. However, the mark reached in our tests and the promise of the 15 days away from the charger for more passive use doesn’t exactly come as a surprise.


But then, with all these points raised, is the GTS Mini 4 worth it or not?

Without a doubt, the new Amazfit watch can be considered as a good option for those who want a companion in their training sessions, with more than 120 types of physical activities available and integrated GPS.

In addition, its minimalist and concise design, together with its quality finish, transforms it into an accessory that can be fitted at any time, whether it is a meeting with friends, a training session at the gym, or a more formal meeting. .

But he’s not perfect! Along the lines of being a good activity monitor, the watch delivers a set that goes even a little further, bringing Alexa integrated and the possibility of installing some – not so useful – mini apps.

However, if analyzed from another perspective, different from the “normal” variant of the GTS, the Mini version that we have in our hands is even further away from what it is like to be a smartwatch, in fact.

Here, we have no way to answer or make calls via Bluetooth, nor how to connect an external headphone to listen to music, for example – even because they cannot be loaded into the watch’s internal memory.

With that, saying whether the GTS 4 Mini is worth it or not becomes a matter of taste and pocket. For those who liked the design of the watch, insist on the integrated Alexa and are willing to pay the R$ 600 charged at retail, there is no way to say that the watch is a bad choice.

However, for those who don’t care so much and want to save significantly, it might be better to bet on a simpler solution, such as the one offered by the Amazfit Bip 3 – which we have already reviewed here. After all, despite not having such a quality finish and screen and not even bringing features like Alexa, it is also a good activity monitor.

Now, for those who thought that the set of the GTS 4 Mini lacked a “pinch of salt” and do not want to spend much more, going to the GTS 3 or 4, for example, bet on an option from another brand, such as the Huawei Watch Fit 2, can be a great alternative, since most of the faults committed by the wearable analyzed here are filled in the competitor’s device.

strengths and weaknesses

analysis.gif" width="23" height="23" class="ok">good quality screengood build qualitygood autonomy
No bluetooth for connecting external headphonesUnable to make/receive callsLack of support for third-party applications

But what about you, what do you think of the new Amazfit watch? Tell us here in the comments! As usual, the best prices can be found in the cards below! A hug and see you next 😉

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