Amazfit GTR: Xiaomi’s commitment to stylish smartwatchs

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Today, the manufacturing and development of new smart watches is the order of the day. The big brands in the technology sector, bid to get a piece of the cake that years after its launch continues to take Apple with its watch.

One of the great global manufacturers committed to launching this type of product is Xiaomi and thanks to its Amazfit range the possibilities are increasingly varied.

This time we want to talk to you about a new product that you liked a lot. The new Amazfit GTR smart watch, which improves the performance of its siblings with very desirable characteristics. Do you want to know it better? Well here we go!


Amazfit GTR: A smartwatch with up to 24 days of autonomy

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This time, with the Amazfit GTR Xiaomi has opted for a very classic watch, with a well-finished design that leaves aside the sports orientation that we see in other models in its range. Unlike what we usually do, we will start by showing you its price, and that is that this Amazfit GTR reaches the market for only 135 €.

There are many differences that we find with respect to previous models. Perhaps one of the most interesting is the incorporation of the electrocardiogram system, which goes one step beyond the usual measurements, seeking to improve our greeting and prevent heart disease and ailments. For this Xiaomi has introduced new sensors that work very very well. These are encompassed under a technology that they have called DualHeaTeck. It performs a continuous measurement efficiently that reduces battery consumption.

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A design of guarantees that makes the eye fall in love

With an interior very similar to the Amazfit Smart Watch 2, the evolution of the GTR is found in the aesthetic plot, where Xiaomi has opted for a quality design that it likes a lot. Its elegance and the materials used are its best letter of introduction. The model is found in two different boxes, 42 and 47mm following in the wake of other models on the market that have seen their average size expand with respect to models launched in previous years.

The glass is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and the panel used uses AMOLED technology. The quality is good and the response of the touch panel is solvent. Diving lovers have an ally in this product, since we can dive with it up to 50 meters thanks to its certification. Of course, its rubber and synthetic leather strap does not seem to be the best swimming companion.

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The body of the dial is made of aluminum with a varied finish. We can choose between matte black, silver or titanium color for the 47mm device and light pink, silver, coral red and black on the 42mm model. On the wrist, its appearance is serious, elegant and of premium quality.

On the technical parcel the Amazfit GTR is a smart watch based on Amazfit OS. The customization layer used by the products of the Amazfit house that is updated regularly incorporating interesting novelties. The side buttons are functional and can be used to perform quick actions without having to use the screen.

Currently, this watch It has a heart rate sensor, compass, atmospheric pressure sensor, activity sensor and also a sleep sensor.

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This model also has a GPS + GLONASS system manufactured by Sony that has an interesting advantage. Consume only 1/3 of the usual battery consumed by previous models. Accuracy is good and this will allow us to develop our sports by monitoring the places visited on the map.

It also includes NFC technology that will allow us to pay with our cards associating these to the clock.

A battery that changes a lot depending on the model chosen

When choosing the 42 or 47mm model, we must take into account a series of important factors that are conditioned by size. The most important without a doubt, is the battery. The autonomy changes enormously depending on the chosen model. The smallest of the devices has an average autonomy at rest of 12 days, a capacity that in the 47 mm model doubles reaching 24. Neither is a bad number, and if we compare it with the autonomies of not too many ago years, much progress has been made.

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Xiaomi introduced in this model a savings system that triggers its autonomy over 50 days. An impressive figure that is achieved by deactivating most of the sensors of this Amazfit GTR.

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Other cool features you should know

This smart watch has a sleep monitoring system. Inform by notifications of the activity of your phone and have 7-day weather forecasts. Among its functions you will find various sports for which specific measurement and training programs have been managed.