Am I using illegal IPTV and am I going to be fined? The keys to understanding the situation in Spain

am i using illegal iptv and am i going to be fined the keys to understanding the situation in spain
am i using illegal iptv and am i going to be fined the keys to understanding the situation in spain

The latest court decision on pirated football has caused a lot of confusion about what is legal and what is not when streaming via IPTV or other methods.


The legal situation of piracy in Spain has never been as confusing as now. The controversial order of the Commercial Court Number 8 of Barcelona seemed to open the door for, for the first time, Internet users to be fined just for using pirate streaming services as will be done in Italy.

Until now, the only ones persecuted by the Police and the rights owners have been the people who shared the pirated content; either by hosting it on pages accessible by other users, or by setting up unofficial streaming services. But, in addition to these people, the court order also allowed the users of these services to be identified , including data such as name, ID and address; everything necessary to present a fine for watching pirate football .


Although it was later attempted to clarify that the target of the lawsuit was the ‘cardsharers’ who share access, broadcasting football matches illegally, the damage had already been done; and the experts agreed that, although the car did not change anything, it did open the door to future developments that could end with fines for users.

Am I using illegal IPTV?

That has led many people to wonder if they can be fined for using the apps and streaming services they use. As we have said, for now the car does not change the situation of these services in Spain at all; Another thing is what happens in the future and the possible demands that organizations like LaLiga present supported by this order.


Therefore, the first thing we must be clear about is if we are doing something for which we could be fined if things change; and in many cases, the answer is yes. Many Spaniards continue to watch football and other content in a ‘pirate’ manner , that is, with unofficial services that have not received permission from LaLiga or the corresponding rights owner.


Whether we are talking about ‘cardsharing’, private IPTV lists, or unofficial streaming pages, all of this is piracy and can be sued and prosecuted; and therefore, users of these services could be in danger in the near future.

In the case of football, knowing if we are using a pirated service is easy: if we are watching it for free, it is probably pirated . Currently, LaLiga is not broadcast free-to-air in Spain, with the only exception of Gol Play, Mediapro’s free-to-air channel that can broadcast one first division match and two second division matches each day, with certain limitations. The rest of the services with the rights to broadcast LaLiga football in Spain are paid and use closed platforms; that includes DAZN and Movistar+.

But does that mean that whenever we use IPTV, it is illegal and we could be fined? No, because there are legal IPTVs. In fact, a good part of them are.

What are legal IPTVs?

Legal IPTV is very simple: they are broadcasts of free, public content that are carried out over the Internet. Unlike private broadcasts, which require identification and a user who has paid the fee to access the content, these types of broadcasts are public and anyone can view them without any type of control.

Many of these legal broadcasts are carried out by public television stations , whose content is freely accessible as it is financed by citizens’ taxes. In other cases, they are private chains that have decided to publish their content as part of their commercial strategy. And finally, there are public institutions, such as the Congress of Deputies, that use this technology to broadcast sessions and related content.


Finding all of these legal streams can be difficult; Fortunately, there are communities that collect this content. The most famous is IPTV-org , a page that brings together IPTV lists of channels that broadcast freely over the Internet. Watching free and legal IPTV on your mobile and other devices is very easy thanks to this type of communities.

With the situation of football rights in Spain, it is unlikely that we will find a match on a legal IPTV; at least, from LaLiga, since other competitions such as the Copa de la Reina are accessible via IPTV on public channels, for example. In addition, these channels offer a lot of interesting content, including content from many sports competitions.


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