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Already preorder Apple Music Classical on the App Store and expect its arrival this month

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Much had been said about the arrival of a specific app from the Cupertino company for classical music, since Apple Music Classical is available for preorder on the App Store. This before its imminent premiere before the end of March.

Apple Music Classical comes to the App Store

Two years ago, Apple got the Primephonic classical music streaming service. This platform would become part of Apple Music through an app specialized in the genre. The new Apple Music Classical arrived at the App Store for reservation and the official launch for March 28, 2023. It is made by fast reservation for the app and depending on your settings, the automatic download will start once it is released. The service is free but incorporated into the Apple Music or Apple One subscription.

Apple testified before the TechCrunch medium that this new Apple Music Classical app gives Apple Music subscribers access to a large number of songs. Specifically there will be more than five million classical music tracks, also adding incredible quality release and a large number of playlists. If you are interested, there are thousands of exclusive albums, among other functions that contribute to your knowledge with biographies of composers and a few more data on some relevant works.

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Apple Music Classical It provides an uncomplicated interface to interact with all music of the genre. The difference with the usual Apple Music app is that this new Classical version has a search by composer, work, director, catalog number, among other options. Users will get easy access to the most relevant data in editorial notes and descriptions.

The complexity of this application is so careful that the Cupertino company requested high-resolution digital portraits for renowned composers like Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin and Johann Sebastian Bach specific to display in the app. The portraits were detailed by a range of colors and artistic references that were used in the corresponding classical period. Apple also indicated that other exclusive works will be integrated in subsequent updates. The company really studied this aspect together with classical music artists and institutions for a better experience.

Download Apple Music Classical only for iOS 15.4 onwards from its release. It was indicated that there will also be a version for Android “soon”.

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