Alleged Google Maps bug may have become an official feature in Android Auto

Google Maps is updated and receives a function that allows you to explore neighborhoods with Live View

In the last month of February, the Google Maps received a feature that allowed the application to be displayed on Android Auto panels and on smartphones with the operating system android connected simultaneously, with routes traced and everything.

However, this feature didn’t stay long in Google’s navigation system. This function was later discovered to be an unintended feature or, if you like, a bug. Because of this, Maps lost this capability within days of release.

The latest version of Maps for mobile phones, released on June 28th, took the app to version 11.85.0300 and may have reintroduced this feature back into the app, but this time it was completely intentional on Google’s part.

Several Reddit forum users report that they can now use Google Maps navigation on both Android Auto dashboards and connected Android smartphones simultaneously. Ever since it was first introduced, the function has been highly praised.

In the official changelog, Google doesn’t overtly mention this improved integration, and only says that the update “brings bug fixes that improve our product to help you discover and navigate new places.”

Having Google Maps on your phone’s screen while Android Auto is active can be very useful for drivers whose cars don’t have touch controls on the dashboard. In such cases, simultaneously navigating application menus on Android is much more convenient.

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