All the ways to track the location of a mobile phone in real time, without installing suspicious apps

all the ways to track the location of a mobile.webp.webp.webp
all the ways to track the location of a mobile.webp.webp.webp

There are many times when, for one reason or another, we need share our location in real time with a trusted person. For example, we are on our way to pick up someone in the car and we want that person to know exactly when we are going to arrive. It is also possible that we have lost our cell phone. Fortunately, there are tools for tracking.

The problem, precisely, is that maybe there are too many unreliable tools to share something as delicate as the location we are in. That is why it is advisable to only use safe apps and tools, from developers with a good reputation. And in fact, it is It is very likely that we already have several installed on mobile.

How to securely share your mobile location in real time

First of all, it is important to emphasize the following: You should only share your location with people you trust. On the other hand, when using applications or tools to share your location, they usually offer the possibility of only sharing the location in real time. for a limited time. It is advisable to set this limit by revealing your location to someone, whoever it may be.

This is important because even if you trust the person you are sending your location to, It is possible that someone else has access to your mobile. I know, this may sound a little paranoid, but it’s wise to be careful with information as sensitive as your real-time location.

Share your location in real time with WhatsApp

Surely you already use WhatsApp to

Share Location 1

The first is share your current location. In an individual or group chat, you can press the clip button and then select Location. Finally, press “On

Share Location 8

For the second option, select Location again by clicking on the clip within a chat, but now select “Real time location”. Next you can configure the amount of time in which the receiver or receivers will be able to see your location in real time. The options are 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours, and you can even add a message to the location.

Share your location with Telegram

If you are one of the users who They prefer to use Telegram as their main messaging app (or you simply have people you chat with through this platform), it is also possible to share your current location and your location in real time if you are on the move, through this messaging app. Just follow the following steps:

Access the individual or group chat with which you want to share your location. Press the paperclip icon next to the typing bar. Select Location and, after granting the necessary permissions to the app, select In

Share Location 6

Follow the previous steps but after selecting the Location option this time choose “Share my location in real time” to do just that. You can set the app to share your location with members of that chat for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.

Share your location directly with Google

Google Maps, of course, also allows you to share your location with other people directly in the Google maps and navigation application. To do it from your Android mobile, follow the following steps:

  • Access the application Maps on your mobile
Share Location 11
  • Click on your profile photo and select “Location sharing
  • Select the amount of time you want to share your location (15 minutes to a day), or select the sharing option until you turn it off. However, we recommend setting a limited time.
Share Location 3
  • Send the location to the person you want by text message, via email or a messaging app.

Whenever you can stop sharing location, even before the configured time. You just need to return to Google Maps, click on your profile photo and then on Share location. Finally, select stop sharing.

It is also possible share estimated arrival time when you start a

Bonus: share your location with Waze

If you use Waze as a navigation app when drivingsince the app is installed on your mobile you can technically also use Waze to share the location of your smartphone.

How to track your cell phone if you have lost it

One of the first things you should do when buying a mobile phone and setting it up for the first time is activate the “Find my device” option. This is located in the settings menu of your Android mobile, in the section called “Google”.

After enabling this option, you can sign in to any other device or desktop browser where you’re signed in with your Google Account, and go to the website and there you can find the location of your device on the map.

Share Location 13

On this website it is also possible to perform actions such as make the mobile play a sound, lock the mobile and log out of your Google account, display a phone number on the mobile screen in case the person who finds it wants to call you to give it to you, or erase all data on the device. If you perform this last action you will no longer be able to locate the mobile.

Of course, some manufacturers also have their own system to track the mobile. Samsung, for example, has your own system to track Samsung Galaxy phonesand also wearables such as smart watches and headphones.

Share Location 12

To activate this option on a Galaxy it is necessary to access the mobile settings menu, press on your name to access the Samsung Account options (you need to have an account to use this function), select “Locate my mobile” and activate the corresponding options.

In this way, you can track your mobile from the Samsung Smart Things Find website or from another brand device that you are signed in on.
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