All the Telegram news that arrived in January

all the telegram news that arrived in january.webp.webp.webp
all the telegram news that arrived in january.webp.webp.webp

One month goes a long way and even more if we are talking about January, which appears to be 62 days old, and Telegram, which includes a lot of new features in each update. On this occasion, the changes have come in a phased manner and we echoed some of them during these weeks, but now we have the complete list of everything that changed on Telegram during January.

The month of January leaves us ten news on Telegram, some of them exclusive for Telegram Premium subscribers and others not. These include voice messages that can only be seen or heard once, the improvement of saved messages and some exclusive privacy benefits for subscribers.

Improvements to Saved Messages

Saved Telegram messages, also known as chats with yourself, have received several new features to make them even more useful. To start, you can see the messages saved in a chat view which shows you where they come from, in the Chats tab that appears when you tap on the top bar.

However, the greatest novelty is found in the tags for saved messages, something that is exclusive for Premium users. You can add multiple tags to your saved messages so you can quickly find and filter them in your search.

On the other hand, the messages we save from a chat or group They will be more at hand if you want to recover them later also from the chat itself. They are displayed in the Saved tab of a chat information (by tapping in the top bar).

best search


An interesting change in Telegram is found in searches within a chat, which we can access from the context menu after opening the chat. The search now gives us the option of show results as a list.

One-time voice and video messages, with pause

As we echoed a few weeks ago, Telegram has borrowed from WhatsApp the idea of voice memos that can only be heard once, pressing the button (1) before sending the message to the chat. The same applies to video messages, which can now be a single view.

Single-use voice or video messages require you to activate the “hands-free” recording mode and in this same mode we now have the option to stop recording and continue later.

Reading time in private chats

A novelty available to everyone, with or without subscription, is that the application will show us thewhen reading a message by tapping on it. This information will be visible for one week or until the message is deleted.

Hide read-only time but see others’ time

The month of January gave more superpowers for Premium users among which are the possibility of hiding your last connection time and/or read-only time, but still see other people’s. Without a subscription, when you hide this data in your privacy options, you cannot see other people’s data either.

Accept messages only from Premium users

If you want your Telegram to be the most select group, the application gives the option to Premium users of restrict new messages only to other Premium users, in addition to mobile contacts. That is, strangers will only be able to write to you if they are from Telegram Premium.

Faster and better quality if you are Premium


Another advantage of paying for the Premium subscription: video stories They charge four times faster and also with an option to see stories at higher quality (and using more data, of course).

Other changes

Other news

Other ways Telegram has changed this month are in the previewing a contact when we share it in a chat, with a new design for the cards that includes personalized emojis for those who have them configured in their profile.

Also, on iOS improves video message recordingwith higher video quality, the option to quickly switch between the front and rear cameras and less vibrations in recording.

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