All the news of iOS 15

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This is iOS 15

Manzana has officially presented iOS 15, the new updated version of the iPhone operating system. This new version of iOS is expected to be available from September, after Apple released the 14.5 update in April. These are all the news that Apple has announced for iOS 15.

Apple’s new operating system update will be available from September

Focus mode: This operating mode allows the user of the device to silence notifications when they need to focus on a task. When a third party wants to write a message to that person, Focus mode will inform them that the recipient has temporarily muted the notifications. By activating this mode, the user will only receive notifications directly related to the task he is carrying out. Focus Mode can be used with different modes: for work, sleep, personal tasks, or simply do not disturb.

Focus mode

-Changes in privacy: The iOS update includes privacy improvements to the system and its applications. The Safari browser incorporates tools to prevent tracking and to make it easier to hide the IP address of the device. The email app improves the options to hide the user’s email address. In addition, iOS 15 will include the Privacy Report application, through which the user will have a complete overview of the privacy status of their device. From it, you can access detailed information about the privacy of your applications and the use of your personal data.

Privacy Report

– Summary of notifications: In the new operating system Apple has modified the notification system. Instead of showing all the alerts that arrive, iOS15 will group them in a Summary of notifications that orders them according to their level of importance. In this way, the phone screen will not be saturated with alerts and it will be more convenient for the user to see them in order according to the use that the user makes of their different applications.

Notification summary in iOS15

-Siri offline: In updating the operating system Siri will be able to make a series of adjustments (such as activating and deactivating dark mode or airplane mode) without having to connect with the Google cloud. Thanks to the voice recognition system built into the phone, Siri can process requests without a connection.

-Search in Spotlight: Another improvement in iOS 15 has to do with the enhancement of image search in Spotlight. In the new operating system, the Photos search engine is integrated with that of Spotlight, which means that, when searching for something from the desktop, the system shows us any application, web, image or document that contains that word. In addition, with the new update Spotlight will be able to recognize texts and manuscripts that appear in images.

Improved spotlight search

-Improvements in Facetime: Apple introduces important new features in FaceTime with the update of the operating system. Change the appearance of the interface, improve the audio with new functions, block out ambient noise, install a special mode for portraiture and introduce the grid mode that allows you to see all the participants in the video conference.

FaceTime App

-Apple Maps: The maps of the app in iOS 15 will improve in quality and precision and will include more complete maps of Spain and Portugal. The maps will show a greater number of elements and the view of buildings in 3D also gains in level of detail.

Apple Maps iOS15

-iMessage: Apple has introduced new functions in its messaging app, which now supports direct access to other applications and the ability to group photos. This app introduces the “Shared for you” option to facilitate sharing content with contacts. It will also support sharing photo galleries and Apple Music playlists this way.

-Apple Wallet: Another updated application will be Apple Wallet that, in addition to cards and boarding passes, will be able to register identity documents, tickets to events and hotels and car keys. This option, for now, will only be available to users in the United States. Apple’s intention is to ensure that, through its digital wallet, it is possible to officially carry the identity document or the vehicle registration card.

Apple wallet