All the leaks of the iPhone 16: this is what is known about the next Apple mobile

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Manzana has been working on its next family of mobile phones, the iPhone 16, since before launching the 15th generation of smartphones. Leaks regarding everything they will bring with their new models began to arrive at the end of last year and help us get an idea of ​​what the technology company could be preparing to announce in its keynote at the beginning of September.

Until Apple officially introduces the new iPhones, many things may change. However, some English-speaking media have had access to internal reports from the device manufacturer and have been able to make renders. Thanks to these leaks, users can better imagine what developers want to capture in their next smartphones.

A charging module like the ones before

Since the iPhone 11, the company has opted for a square camera module. Now, almost five years later, they want return to the design that the iPhone X and XS hadan oval module that was shaped like a pill.

This possible return to the image that Apple had in 2018 was recently commented on by Apple Hub in X after an alleged leak. Previously, MacRumors had already shared several prototypes that the brand would be working on and one of them was also characterized by that design of the camera module.

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The rumored iPhone 16 design looks nice 🔥

A mix of iPhone X + 11

March 8, 2024 • 17:01



A capture button for photos

In the first renders that MacRumors showed there were three prototypical designs that Apple was supposedly considering. As we have already mentioned, one of them had a different camera module than the one we have seen in recent years, but they also showed a new button that would allow you to easily capture photos.

Render of the iPhone 16 from MacRumors

The leak of the assumption ‘capture button’ It also arrived at The Information, so it could be a reality and would be added to the ‘action button’ that they already brought last year for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. However, not much is still known about this novelty.

According to what they said on MacRumors, the button was going to be capacitive, that is, it was going to simulate a press with vibration. Meanwhile, from The Information, they explained that it would be a conventional button that must be pressed for it to work.

On the other hand, it has been proposed that this button will allow more than one function related to the camera to be carried out. For example, if the user slides their finger from left to right, they could control the zoom, and if they press it lightly, they could focus the image.

The sizes of the iPhone 16

Also from MacRumors has come a leak that states that some models of the iPhone 16 family will have slightly larger screens. This would mark the first major update to the dimensions of Apple phones in recent years.

The changes, according to the information they gave, would be limited to Pro smartphones. The Pro version would go from 6.1 inches on the 15 Pro to 6.3″ on the 16 Pro. Meanwhile, the Pro Max version would increase from 6.7″ from the 15 Pro Max to 6.9″ from the 16 Pro Max.

For its part, the normal iPhone 16 will continue to have the same size as the iPhone 15 (6.1″) and the iPhone 16 Plus will maintain the dimensions of the iPhone 15 Plus (6.7″).

The iOS 18 update: Apple’s most revolutionary

Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman noted in one of his weekly Power On newsletters that iOS 18 will be “one of the biggest updates in the history” of Apple. Much of the claim was because the operating system is expected to implement artificial intelligence (AI) functions by default, as Samsung has already done in its Galaxy S24.

Among the expected developments, the Messages app’s compatibility with the RSC (Rich Communication Services) protocol stands out, a new, smarter version of Siri and Apple Music with AI.

7 of the 10 best-selling mobile phones in 2023 were from Apple

Counterpoint Research’s 2023 best-selling mobile phone list demonstrates growing consumer interest in iPhones. Of the top 10 best-sellers, the first seven were from the apple brand and the rest from Samsung.

In order, from most to least purchased, the ranking indicated that the world’s favorite smartphones were: iPhone 14, 14 Pro Max, 14 Pro, iPhone 13, 15 Pro Max, 15 Pro, iPhone 15, Galaxy A17 5G, Galaxy A04e and Galaxy A17 4G. This leads us to believe that Apple’s 16th generation will be very well received in 2024.

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