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All Releases in October 2020 from Amazon, Filmin and Disney +: ‘Utopia’, ‘The Mandalorian’ and more

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All Releases In October 2020 From Amazon, Filmin And Disney
All Releases In October 2020 From Amazon, Filmin And Disney

Autumn has seemed to put the batteries to the streaming platforms , which arrive more assorted with new-bombs than ever . Amazon Prime video, in what has already become a pleasant habit, lands with a few complete series, apart from its own production novelties. Filmin continues to add essential classics of the last decades at heart attack speed. Disney + brings one of its undisputed depth charges of the year, the return of ‘The Mandalorian’. And StarzPlay comes with an adaptation of an impeccable classic from genre literature. We reel it all out for you.

Amazon Prime Video: New Movies, Series and Documentaries



In a month especially full of premieres on the platform (no less than twenty years of ‘South Park’ at your disposal, and all the avalanche of horror co-productions with Blumhouse in time for Halloween), we highlight this ambitious remake of a British original that , by the way, you can see in Film In the Amazon version, John Cusack leads the cast, and we are told the story of a fictional comic called ‘Utopia’, which contains hidden meanings that the protagonists try to decipher . They will soon realize that there is a plot of conspiracies behind the comic and that some of its characters are real.

  • Premiere October 30

Other premieres of Amazon Prime Video

  • ‘ Law and Order ‘ T10-20 (01/10)
  • ‘ The Good Doctor ‘ S3 (01/10)
  • ‘Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2’ (02/10)
  • ‘Six Dreams – Back to Win’ (02/10)
  • ‘Carolina Marín: I can because I think I can’ (09/10)
  • ‘ Grey’s Anatomy ‘ S16 (05/10)
  • ‘You won’t believe it’ (05/10)
  • ‘ Desperate Housewives ‘ S1-8 (06/10)
  • ‘The Lie -Welcome to Blumhouse-‘ (06/10)
  • ‘Black Box -Welcome to Blumhouse-‘ (06/10)
  • ‘ Father there is only one 2 ‘ (07/10)
  • ‘Sons of Soil’ (08/10)
  • ‘ Modern Family ‘ S11 (09/10)
  • ‘Evil Eye -Welcome to Blumhouse-‘ (10/13)
  • ‘Nocturne -Welcome to Blumhouse-‘ (10/13)
  • ‘Spy game’ (10/15)
  • ‘What the Constitution Means to Me’ (10/16)
  • ‘ Ladies of the Underworld ‘ S2 (10/16)
  • ‘ We ‘ (10/30)
  • ‘ Wild nation ‘ (10/30)
  • ‘ Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ‘ (10/22)
  • ‘The Boy: The Curse of Brahms’ (10/26)
  • ‘ Baby Driver ‘ (10/26)
  • ‘Truth Seekers’ (10/30)
  • ‘Utopia’ (10/30)
  • ‘The challenge: ETA’ (30/10)
  • ‘ South Park ‘ T1-22 (10/31)

Filmin: new films, series and documentaries

‘Under the Skin’


One of the most surprising releases of the year … it came seven years late. But it ended up being released, in the midst of a pandemic and with a media coverage that lives up to its style. This jewel of Jonathan Glazer was a small commercial failure at the time, and that she herself is not very clear if it is exactly horror or science fiction cinema, since she drinks both from ‘The thing’ and from ‘The man who fell to the land ‘by Nicolas Roeg. Scarlett Johansson plays a spectral alien who uses her physique to seduce and capture human men . A typical B-series invasion plot that, thanks to Glazer’s sleek visual style, turns into a cryptic sensory experience.

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  • Premiere on October 07

Other Filmin premieres

  • ‘The Criminal’ (01/10)
  • ‘The last duty’ (01/10)
  • ‘ Basic Instinct ‘ (01/10)
  • ‘The mariachi’ (01/10)
  • ‘Agnes of God’ (01/10)
  • ‘Hardcore, a hidden world’ (01/10)
  • ‘The Nutty Squad’ (01/10)
  • ‘Robin and Marian’ (01/10)
  • ‘Fast and deadly’ (01/10)
  • ‘What is a girl like you doing in a place like this?’ (01/10)
  • ‘The World Is Full of Secrets’ (03/10)
  • ‘ Under the Skin ‘ (07/10)
  • ‘Ice Moons’ (10/30)

Disney +: new movies, series and documentaries

‘The Mandalorian’ S2


One of the most anticipated releases of the month: Mando returns and, of course, Baby Yoda / El Niño returns. With the imperial plot unveiled, which makes us suspect that several of the darkest powers in the galaxy are eager to get their hands on the little long-eared , we can look forward to a second round of great galactic adventures. Pure escapism for a series that many have considered the best to come out of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise in years, thanks to its carefree and uncomplicated tone.

Other premieres of Disney +

  • ‘Chosen for glory’ (09/10)
  • ‘Clouds’ (10/16)
  • ‘Chimpanzee sanctuary’ (10/16)
  • ‘ Dumbo ‘ (23/10)
  • ‘Once upon a time there was a snowman’ (23/10)
  • ‘ The Mandalorian ‘ S2 (30/10)

StarzPlay: new movies, series and documentaries

‘Brave New World’


The classics of science fiction continue to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for new series. In this case, nothing less than ‘Brave New World’, the mythical and influential dystopia of Aldous Huxley from 1932 that popularized the idea of ​​a perfect society thanks to the curtailment of freedoms (and wills) . This new version has classic elements of the original, such as Soma and the culture of immediate gratification, but adds elements of action and adventure to adapt the original to television.

  • Premiere October 4

Other premieres of Starzplay

  • ‘ Hanna ‘ (01/10)
  • ‘ Ghost Rider ‘ (01/10)
  • ‘Brave New World’ (04/10)
  • ‘ Mad Men ‘ S1-7 (10/22)
  • ‘ Penny Dreadful ‘ S1-3 (29/10)

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