All Aboard Bluesky The best Alternative to twitter x Finally Eliminates Invitations

all aboard bluesky the best alternative to twitterx finally eliminates.webp.webp.webp
all aboard bluesky the best alternative to twitterx finally eliminates.webp.webp.webp
 You no longer need an invitation to enter one of the best alternatives to Twitter/X: the Bluesky social network has removed access restrictions so that whoever wishes can register. To open an account you just have to go to the social network page or download the mobile application and start registration from there. This registration has no cost.

Twitter has been experiencing a rout since Elon Musk bought the social network and then converted it into X, the name adopted by the former blue bird network. Faced with such a number of changes, a good part of former users began to look for alternatives, mainly two: Mastodon and Bluesky. While the first always offered access without entrance doors, even though If it became necessary to fight with the servers the second required a key in the form of an invitation.

Bluesky opens the door to anyone who wants to sign up


The founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is also the one who founded Bluesky, a competition for Elon Musk’s current platform that has always sought a simpler and decentralized communication experience. Since Bluesky’s servers could not support a huge avalanche of users, the solution found was to distribute invitations: each new member periodically received access keys; that she could distribute to whoever she wanted.

After more than a year in testing, and with an initial waiting list that opened in October 2022, Bluesky finally removes all barriers. This means that anyone can sign up, choose their username (It is starting to be somewhat difficult given the volume of members in the network), leave your phone number and email (essential to log in) and enter the micropublishing service. Broadly speaking, it is like the old Twitter: whoever has used it (or X) will know how to navigate Bluesky.

Publication of messages with up to 300 characters that allow multimedia content, option to follow other users and have them follow us, feeds differentiated by themes so as not to get lost among interests, favorites and a moderation system to filter messages that you do not want to see. Currently, Bluesky has more than 3 million active usersalthough that number will surely remain small now that access restrictions have been removed.

To create a Bluesky account you just have to sign up for and register. It is a free, open access social network, it does not include advertising inserted between the timeline messages and it does not have subscriptions. At least for now.

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