AliExpress celebrates its anniversary with a 60% discount on this Mini PC

aliexpress celebrates its anniversary with a 60% discount on this mini pc
aliexpress celebrates its anniversary with a 60% discount on this mini pc

Mini PCs are playing a leading role in AliExpress’s anniversary campaign, where we have found several models at an irresistible price. Among them we have chosen one that provides good performance, trust and brand quality, as well as a discount of more than 60% .

Now that we are thinking about summer, we must not forget that, if we are used to working or playing on a laptop, the high temperatures will possibly end up taking their toll. And that means that having a Mini PC like this model would help you not have to worry so much about it. After all, you can easily connect it to any screen and use it in a very comfortable way. In addition, AliExpress’s 61% discount on this Firebat Mini PC MN56 is not to be missed .

A Mini PC that has it all

In one of these computers we always look for good components, since, although we know that they are not maximum power equipment, we do want effectiveness. Trusting a brand like Firebat, which already has a long history in the sector , is always something that helps. In this specific model they offer us an AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor, which is more efficient than you could imagine and with which you can enjoy a good number of games. It is combined very well with a 16GB DDR4 type RAM that can be expanded up to 32GB.

If you give importance to storage, you will like to know that this Mini PC includes an internal space of 512 GB, but with the possibility of expanding it up to 2 TB . This will ensure that you have the opportunity to store as much video, photo or game content as you want. After all, you could use this computer to turn it into a multimedia center to have fun, especially because of how easy it is to transport and how it connects to all types of televisions or monitors via HDMI.

Among the connection options included are Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 6, while there is no shortage of a good repertoire of USB and two HDMI ports. For its part, the fan it incorporates is of great power and is supported by a heat plate system that prevents the device from getting too hot, thus leaving behind problems present in other models.

Connection to three screens

The image quality that you can benefit from is more than high, since the Mini PC is compatible with up to 8K. To offer you the best visual performance, it allows you to connect up to a maximum of three screens , a process that could be very useful in many types of context. For example, it can be interesting if you want to play in an advanced way or to be able to work by viewing a type of tool or content on each screen. The possibilities are immense, turning out to be one of those very small computers that offer more than you can imagine.

AliExpress is doing very good sales in this campaign they are celebrating, so it is a joy to be able to say that a Mini PC as interesting as this one has a 61% discount. You will find it at a cost of 226.01 euros instead of the 579.51 euros it originally cost, so you will be saving more than 350 euros . With a discount like this it is clear that it is an ideal time to get the computer and thus enjoy all its possibilities. Plus, there’s an extra discount if you buy multiple units, so if you know someone who’s interested, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to order it together!

In the event that this Mini PC model does not have some feature that you are looking for or perhaps you have a different price range in mind, we are going to give you two more ideas . As the cheapest model, we recommend the Firebat T8 Pro Plus , which has a 65% discount. And if you want a more powerful one, but don’t mind a higher price, the best option will be the Beelink-SER7 .

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