Alexa updates to make your shopping list more useful, how do you do it?


One of the great utilities that the Alexa assistant has is to be able to generate shopping lists that can be reviewed from the phone when visiting the supermarket. Including products is as simple as using a voice command, so it is not surprising that this is one of the options that users highlight the most. Well, there is an improvement that is really positive here. With it, you can stop using the Alexa application to check what’s on the list and don’t forget anything when you go shopping. And, the truth is that this is very positive because the process to get to the place in the app we are talking about is not the most intuitive (which means that on many occasions you have to stop in a corridor to be able to complete the process in question). The fact is that this is something that is going to end, since Amazon has included a new functionality that is an excellent use option. The novelty that arrives for Alexa Well, it is none other than being able to use a widget on smartphones (and tablets if desired). This addition, which is now available on iOS and Android (in some regions you have to wait for the new version of the application to be downloaded and the corresponding activation from the servers to be executed), allows you to place on the home screen -even in some cases in the lock- an element that allows you to quickly view everything you have on the shopping list generated with the Alexa voice assistant. In the two operating systems that we have discussed there are basic functions that are shared. An example is that the content is displayed in a comfortable way and, in addition, it is possible to advance so that the products that are not seen appear. But there are also notable differences. One of the most important is that in the development of Google it is possible to cross out something that has been placed in the shopping cart, while in the work of Apple to do this you have to access the Alexa app -it is done automatically automatic-. In addition, in iOS two sizes are offered in the widget with two or six product lines, while in Android the dimensions of the element are configurable, which allows the user to decide how much space the widget will occupy on the screen. Hopefully things will even out in the future. A good solution, which should move forward The truth is that this new widget, being very useful and will prevent some from deciding on the use of third-party applications that synchronize with Alexa, has room for improvement. An example is being able to add notes or execute more complete deletion actions. But, without a doubt, the step taken by Amazon is one of those that is very worthwhile. All a success. >

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