Alexa Improves Its Sound Detection Capabilities: Here’s What You Can Do Now

alexa 4758340 1280.jpg
alexa 4758340 1280.jpg

Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, does not stop receiving improvements, to the point that now the colloquial phrase of having a very fine ear can be applied to it. In this regard, it is now possible to create new types of routines based on sound detection enhancements.

On the one hand, with the so-called “Water Running” or running water, Alexa is now able to activate a series of specific actions when it detects the sound of an open tap or something similar happens, such as the appearance of leaks.

Users can simply be notified of this situation through messages on their mobiles and much more.

And on the other, the call also comes «Appliance Beeping», whereby Alexa can activate a series of actions depending on the appliance that has finished or changed its function, giving notice of this through the emission of the corresponding sound.

More clearly, you can establish a routine so that, when you hear the washing machine finish through the emission of the corresponding sound, you can send a message warning about it through your mobile, among other possibilities.

The same happens with the rest of appliances that also terminate or change operation by means of a certain sound, such as microwaves, refrigerators, etc., which in a way will avoid the need for all appliances to be intelligent, just by linking certain sounds to the realization of concrete actions.

Remember that until recently, Alexa could only recognize sounds of glass breaking, dog barking, baby crying and little else to link concrete actions through routines.

The possibilities are advancing to the point that the Ultrasound Motion Detection function has also been improved when it comes to detecting the sounds that are produced in the rooms, which will also help that this function soon reaches Echo and Echo Dot speakers.

But not everything is sound detection or more natural conversations, as they also launched recently, since in the summary of the news for last November, it also points out that Amazon Pharmacy customers, obviously in the United States Now they will be able to ask the assistant to re-fill their medications according to their prescriptions.

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