Alexa, change your voice!: you can now choose another voice in Spain


New Alexa voice

Voice assistants have become more common every day in thousands of homes, which use them to manage the increasingly numerous devices connected to the Internet of Things. Alexathanks to the boost that Amazon has given in recent years, has become one of the most popular and is now renewed to give entrance to a new voice.

Last year the arrival of the so-called “Ziggy”, a male voice for Alexa which was not available in our country. Until today.

The male voice arrives in Spain

As of today, as Amazon Spain has announced, in our country we have a new voice alternative for Alexa. The Amazon voice assistant launches male voice in Spanishsomething that had been available in other territories for some time, but not in these parts.

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It will be called Alexa but it has Manolo’s voice

October 28, 2022 • 1:10 PM



Like its female version, this new male voice is generated from the rules of Text to Speech or TTS (text to speech), plus artificial intelligence (AI). If you find it strange to call Alexa and hear a male voice, you can always change the word to activate the new assistant.

The new voice works for almost all features, as there are some exceptions. “Imitations, stories and original songs will not be available in this option,” says Amazon.

This is how Alexa’s voice changes

To change the voice with which the assistant speaks to us, just say the command “Alexa, change your voice”. In the event that you have more than one Echo speaker at home, Alexa will ask you which one or which of them you want to change the voice on. To which we will have to indicate in which device we want to change the voice of Alexa. By doing so, Alexa will respond to us with the new male voice to confirm that it has been executed. If you want to reverse this action, she simply says “Alexa, she changes your voice” again and she will return to the usual female voice.

Change Alexa's voice

From the app, available on both Android and iOS, we will have to go to the “Devices” section, located at the bottom of the screen and then select the “Echo and Alexa” button. From this screen you can select the devices where you want to install the new Alexa voice. Once this selection is made, in the “Settings” section at the bottom right you will find “Alexa Voice”. In this tab you can select between the original voice, which is the female one, or the male voice.

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