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AirPods Pro 2 in the test: Better ANC, optimized sound

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Old design, completely renewed on the inside: Apple’s new Bluetooth handsets absorb background noise better and are easier to find.

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The AirPods Pro clearly stand out from the normal AirPods with active noise cancellation, among other things. Since their release in 2019, they have been the most popular true wireless handsets, at least among Apple users. No wonder there has been speculation about possible successors for years. Now the second generation of the AirPods Pro is available, which the manufacturer wants to have significantly revised. We listened to them and measured them.

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The AirPods Pro 2 look almost exactly like their predecessors and are the same size. They have a glossy white plastic body and a short handle that also houses microphones for telephony. What is new, however, is a small, pill-shaped recess on the top of the case that houses the noise-cancelling microphone. Previously she was lying on the bottom. The skin sensor, which detects whether the headphones are in the ear, has now moved from the bottom to the middle.

The second generation AirPods Pro (right) look almost identical to their predecessors (left). The pill-shaped opening on the top (right) indicates the new model.

(Image: Holger Zelder)

To keep the AirPods Pro in the ear, white, exchangeable silicone attachments are still included. Unlike the AirPods 3, the adapters seal the ear. Instead of the previous three sizes, there are now four: the size XS for narrow auditory canals has been added. The other three are the same size as before, but have a denser grid against dust, according to Apple. The old silicone cuffs also fit the new handset and vice versa. A valve on the AirPods Pro ensures pressure equalization so that you don’t notice any annoying pressure differences that can occur with in-ears.

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