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AI to recreate spaces according to different decoration styles

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Interior Computer is the first specialized Artificial Intelligence product from the creators of Image Computer, launched a few weeks ago, with which users can see how the rooms of their homes or the spaces of their workplaces can look according to the style of interior decoration that is chosen.

With Internal Computer, Users will simply choose the image they already have on their devices or take a picture of the place where they are to later upload it and then proceed to choose one of the different available styles, with the AI ​​taking care of doing the reimagining work space.

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According to its creator on Producthunt, users will also be able to describe any specific details they want to see as part of the chosen style for the place whose image has been uploaded, or let Artificial Intelligence take care of reimagining the space completely from scratch, including the details.

To make use of Indoor Computer It will be necessary to have a user account and buy the necessary credits depending on the images that you want to generate, with different credit packs, where each image is worth one credit.

But if you are not a professional in decoration, real estate sales, or any related profession, and/or simply want to explore the service, from ProductHunt its creator also shares a link from which 25 free credits are offered with the one to start.

The most striking is see the realism with which the recreations are offered in images of the spaces, according to the chosen stylewhich opens up many possibilities in different fields, and that goes beyond Ikea’s AI and other services currently also oriented towards interior decoration.

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Perhaps the negative aspect is the impossibility of knowing where to acquire the decoration elements in case a user has been satisfied with the representation made by Artificial Intelligence, although it will be a matter of time before these and other possibilities may also come.

Link: Inside Computer

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