AI Time Machine, to transform our faces into historical figures


A few weeks ago we mentioned a website where we can post photos of ourselves and receive images created by Artificial Intelligence with variations of our face, ideal for changing our avatar on social networks.

Today we are dealing with the same topic with a MyHeritage project, a project known in the world of DNA analysis, capable of receiving our DNA to analyze the history of our family.

In 2021 they created the project that brought old photos to life, and now they are launching AI Time Machine, an innovative new feature that allows anyone to travel back in time and easily transform their everyday personal photos into hyper-realistic images of themselves as historical figures. .

You can see the details at, where it is possible to verify the realism of the results with some examples, as well as use the button to start testing with our own photographs.

They use advanced deep learning and text-to-image technology to create images of a person at different time periods throughout history.

When you upload photos of a person, AI Time Machine™ builds a model of that person in various different poses and settings from the original photos uploaded. Then, using any of the predefined themes set in different historical eras, he synthesizes the model with the themes to produce striking images of a person embodied in a historical figure.

The objective is to create versions of ourselves in the style of an Egyptian pharaoh, medieval or Viking knight, going through a 19th century lady, and much more.

In this video you have an example of how it works:

For it to work correctly, it is necessary to send up to 25 photos (no less than 10) with different shots of our faces, with some of our bodies, if possible (I didn’t), and a couple of profiles. Once identified on the MyHeritage platform (or creating a new account), we will have to wait between 30 and 60 minutes to obtain the results. They notify us by email when everything is ready.

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