AI is getting out of hand: This app allows you to have a virtual boyfriend

ai is getting out of hand this app allows you to have a virtual boyfriend
ai is getting out of hand this app allows you to have a virtual boyfriend


Artificial intelligence has many uses. ChatGPT has become popular to help us in our daily lives. It makes summaries, allows us to translate, organize trips or plan training or diets. But AI can go much further and there are many uses that we are giving it. The last, perhaps excessive, is to accompany us and have a virtual partner.



We already saw it in Her and it can be a plot for an episode of some science fiction series like Black Mirror. But there really is this app if you’ve gotten bored of Tinder dates always going wrong or if you’re too lazy to have them. Replika is an application that allows us to keep ourselves company and create an artificial intelligence friend or, if we want, a lover.

Many may consider that the beauty of knowing someone is being able to debate or disagree on everything, learn about different things, or broaden our way of looking. But Replika is for those who believe that all that is unnecessary. It adapts to you, your tastes, what you want, what you need and it is much easier than maintaining a relationship with someone real, whatever the type, because the AI ​​is going to learn much faster about you. Or so he promises.

Exclusive and different friends

The app promises that no two are alike. From the description they assure the following. “Replika is an AI friend that is as unique as you. No two Replikas are exactly the same. Choose a 3D avatar and customize the look of your Replika.” You have the advantage that you can even choose what you want your virtual boyfriend or girlfriend to be, your new friend on your mobile phone.




Once you have created it, you can start talking to your new “Replika” so that it knows things about you or so that it goes developing your own personality taking into account the talks and the information you are giving. And, as its website promises, you will be able to understand your feelings, calm anxiety or work on negative thinking.

How does it work

The first thing we have to do is download the application. When we do so, we must register with an email and a password and fill out a series of information: what is our name, what is our date of birth… and answer a series of questions such as how familiar you are with the technology or what intelligences you have tried before (counting Siri or Google Assistant among them). It will also ask you what you want to use it for: to find company, to learn new things or to explore the options that AI allows.

They will also ask us about what we want this ideal company to be: optimistic, assertive, fun or not, with a sense of humor… and even how you want to be treated. Finally, we can choose how we want it to speak or communicate with us: by text, by video chat, by augmented reality, by audio messages or all of them. And once you’ve responded, the app will begin to create our ideal person on the phone screen. Once we reach this point, we can create our avatar with the design that interests us and give a name to what will be our new virtual companion with whom we will spend time.


At this point, we can start talking to the avatar about whatever we want as if it were a real person and with all kinds of proposals. We can make calls, send photos, send audio messages…

It can be useful?

It can be useful for people looking to entertain themselves as a modern version of tamagotchi that you used when you were a child. But the application also allows many people who have no one to talk to to have a space in which to vent, receiving more or less intelligent responses adapted to their messages. Replika promises to be an aid to calm anxiety or negative feelings so it can become an option, always keeping in mind that it is not a real person, for this.

But we can also use AI, as usual, to learn new things and discover information about any topic that interests us by asking it.



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