AI imaging comes to Microsoft’s keyboard on Android

ai imaging comes to microsofts keyboard on android.jpg
ai imaging comes to microsofts keyboard on android.jpg

The Beta version of Swiftkey allows you to generate images to send directly using the Dall-E engine.

The generation of images with artificial intelligence is permeating all large companies. A few hours ago Adobe announced the final version of Firefly, its AI for creating and modifying images, for Spain and the rest of the world. Now it is Microsoft that takes a new step. In this case it is a new feature in SwiftKey, the company’s keyboard for Android.

A few months ago this keyboard was updated by integrating Bing Chat, which allowed you to create text using artificial intelligence. Now will do the same but with images, for which it will use the Dall-E engine. Not in vain Microsoft is one of the companies that has put the most money into OpenAi, the creator of Dall-E.

(Microsoft presents the new Bing: the AI ​​search engine that will change everything with ChatGPT)

At the moment it is in the testing version, the Beta, where the company has enabled the imager on the keyboard. This way you can create images with a text command and add them directly to the application in which you are writing.

The update of this keyboard comes with that great novelty, that it can be used from a new button called Create which is next to the icons for GIFs, emojis, etc. We just have to write what we want, for now in English, and the keyboard will give us variations of an image that corresponds.

In addition to that feature Swiftkey is now capable of correct, in English, the grammar of a text and fix it, which will make it easier to write long emails if necessary. It is something that the Google keyboard also already has. Although it has not been specified, it is expected that to correct the text Swiftkey will send it to Microsoft servers, which may be an inconvenience for some users.

Dall-E integration into SwiftKey

It has also been improved Material You support, so now the color will change depending on the aesthetic theme chosen on the smartphone. The latest news is a mere error correction which caused the keyboard to close when used in some messaging applications. To use the new version of the keyboard you must sign up for the beta or install the APK with version number

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