AI comes to Google Maps to improve your navigation experience

ai comes to google maps to improve your navigation experience.jpg
ai comes to google maps to improve your navigation experience.jpg

Google Maps

Artificial intelligence is reaching many areas and makes our lives easier at all levels. Now Google incorporates its artificial intelligence into its maps application to improve what it offers us and make Google Maps recommendations more interesting and can recommend something to us like any friend would.

Now Google has launched a new way to use the application incorporating AI. For now it is available for users in the United States but will soon reach the rest of the users in the world and will make finding or discovering new sites easier and more practical than it was until now.

How does it work

One of the main advantages of Google Maps is the versatility of the application, which allows you to find anything near you. Restaurants, gas stations, roadside service stations, stores, opening hours… You can find out how move between two points, what time the bus passes or we can even see the menu of that restaurant we have chosen, see photographs of the different dishes or read questions about any place: is it wheelchair accessible? Is it allowed to go with children? And now AI will make it even easier for us to choose where we can go and what those places are like.

Google Maps using in a car

Now, Google Maps will allow you to incorporate AI to have more advantages and possibilities. We can use it in the same way that you use, for example, ChatGPT. You can use it in the same way we use other artificial intelligence tools, through a fluid conversation where we can ask questions or have a normal conversation. You can use Google Maps AI using natural language and ask whatever you want. For example, where is a restaurant near us. But instead of using keywords for the search, we can also ask and ask more about the site that interests us. That is, not only will you be able to ask him about a restaurant, but you will also be able to ask more about it: if it is open today, if there are vegan menu options among the options, etc.

This will make it more comfortable to discover places. Not only will we use an extensive database, but Google will make it easier for us to find it. Beyond asking or questioning, we can ask for specific things that interest us and not use labels as until now. As the company itself explains, you can request very specific places such as “places with an old atmosphere in San Francisco.” Through AI, the application will analyze the database and information and show you a series of places that are similar to the search you have performed.

For Local Guides

Google is testing this generative AI function in Google Maps and it will be available to everyone but, for now, it will be done with Local Guides users. Local Guides is a google community which allows users to leave reviews and answer other people’s questions to help millions of users discover new sites. We share what we think about that place or site or answer frequently asked questions. Anyone can participate in this and contribute with reviews, photos or answers ranging adding points. In exchange, we level up and we can redeem the points and we will get discounts at Google, invitations to events or the possibility of earlier access to functions launched from Mountain View.

Mobile with Google Maps

If you want to become a contributor, just register in the Local Guides program and contribute with photographs, reviews, and comments.

The future of Google Maps

According to the company itself, it is “just the beginning.” Google assures that it is just the beginning of how it is enhancing the application with generative AI and it will be a matter of months that artificial intelligence will reach all the functions of the most popular mapping application and will allow us to discover places around the world, wherever we go.