AgainstTheWest claims to have hacked TikTok, although there is no evidence at the moment

hackeo tiktok.jpg
hackeo tiktok.jpg

For a few hours there has been no talk of anything else on the networks, of the possibility that a database of more than 2,000 million people is in danger due to a possible invasion by the hacker group AgainstTheWest.

We are talking about a data breach that could put a huge number of users at risk, although TikTok denies that it has occurred.

It was on September 2 that the hacker group “AgainstTheWest” claimed to have managed to break into the fortress of the Chinese social network. Several specialized security companies have since commented on the matter, with many recommending changing the password, although it is highly unlikely that they have succeeded, as passwords are never stored unencrypted in this industry.

TikTok has already commented on Forbes that its security team has been investigating the issue and found no evidence of any security breach, but it is still a coincidence, since a few days before the alleged breach, the Microsoft Security blog indicated that found a vulnerability in the Android version of TikTok.

According to Microsoft, this vulnerability could hijack an account with a single click, although there is no data to show that it has been used. On the other hand, one thing is that the android app has an error that allows stealing an account, it is another thing to invade the global database and steal everything.

What we do recommend from WWWhatsnew is to configure two-factor authentication whenever possible, and TikTok is no exception in this regard.

Surely we will know shortly if this supposed hack has been real or not. We will keep reporting.

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