After years using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, I am clear about which system for the car is best

after years using android auto and apple carplay i am.webp.webp.webp
after years using android auto and apple carplay i am.webp.webp.webp

To taste, the colors. But if you have an Android mobile or an iPhonethat choice will determine which infotainment system you are going to use in your car, obviously as long as it is compatible (otherwise, you can always put a screen on it). And I can tell you that the experience changes enormously between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

At home we have a Seat León with a console with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so we have the opportunity to test both daily. That’s why depending on what I need, I opt for one infotainment system or another. After years using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, I have compared which is better section by section.


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Since the arrival of Android Auto Coolwalk, with the possibility of viewing several applications on the same screen, Google’s infotainment system has become practically on par with Apple CarPlay and it’s a matter of details.

On a personal note I think that Apple CarPlay has a more refined design: It is intuitive, clear and feels uncluttered. I like that it has the applications that we have recently opened on the left (next to the steering wheel) and not at the bottom like Android Auto, since on the one hand you have it closer at hand and on the other, it leaves the screen clearer for the driver. viewing important things like the map.

Compatible applications

Here without discussion: Android Auto wins by a landslide over Apple CarPlay. Go ahead and say that with the Cupertino infotainment system there is no shortage of mainstream applications such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Waze or Google Maps, but if you like to experiment like me and discover new applications, there is nothing like Android Auto. Some of my latest discoveries that have become essential in Android Auto are Weather & Radar either Vimusic.

Of course, I already tell you that quantity does not always mean quality: There are some other applications in Android Auto that work regularly. In this sense, Apple CarPlay offers fewer applications, but the general operation is good and they are well optimized for the experience.


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But if there is one important category of applications for an infotainment system, it is navigation. We have already seen that in Android Auto there are a few more candidates than in Apple CarPlay, but it not only wins in quantity, but also in a crucial detail like scrolling on maps.

Apple CarPlay has something that I hate and that is that to move around the map it is not enough to simply tap and slide your finger on the screen, but it has an annoying crosshair with arrows which, in addition to being slow and imprecise, can be fatal if we have the bad habit of doing it while driving.

Operation: absence of failures and instability

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For me there is something inexplicable and differential that sometimes irremediably tips the balance: From time to time my partner tries to connect his Android phone to the car to use Android Auto and more than once and twice the connection is simply not established. We don’t know if it is a connection error, car recognition either a general Android Auto problembut there is not always time to solve it by resetting and starting from scratch.

Curiously, if after trying to connect an Android mobile with Android Auto we have problems, I try with my iPhone in Apple CarPlay on the same console and car and the connection is established. In summary, Android Auto gives more errors than Apple CarPlaywhich has proven to be a more stable infotainment system under use.

Notifications and calls

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If you have notifications set to appear on the car screen while driving and you tend to receive quite a few, The Apple CarPlay experience declines considerablye for a reason: the way of displaying them is much more intrusive. Much of the blame lies in the fact that the notices are located at the bottom of the screen, precisely where the navigator cursor usually is for route guidance. Android Auto solves it better, leaving the notice in the upper area.

Likewise, when it comes to viewing the notification, Android Auto turns out to be more discreet and less annoying, while in Apple CarPlay it occupies the entire screen, something that by the way also happens when you receive a call. If you’re looking at the map to avoid getting lost, this can be critical.

voice assistant

Google Assistant

Starting from the premise that neither Siri nor Google Assistant are luminaries and both need the integration of artificial intelligence to improve contextualization and understanding, Google Assistant stands out for its compatible functions, performance and experience.

A voice assistant may not be essential in other scenarios such as the home, but given that while driving, voice interaction is the only one allowed by the DGT and the issue of security is not a trivial issue.

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