After trying the main radar applications, I am clear that I do not need one: Waze gives them a thousand thoughts

after trying the main radar applications i am clear that.webp.webp.webp
after trying the main radar applications i am clear that.webp.webp.webp

Although inertia is a very strong reason to change habits, in the end, in something as important as safety and peace of mind behind the wheel, it is important to experiment until you find the right one. the best possible application for driving, even if it means going through the checkout. I started with Google Maps, but years ago I switched to Waze and I’ve stayed there.

In all that time I have been an intensive user of Android Auto (also Apple CarPlay) and I have used in my

Please note that I live in Madrid and here I always walk or use public transport, my use of the car is restricted to

The problem with radar detection applications

Taking into account my driving habits, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have to pay rent, which is a handicap for many radar applications which are either directly paid or have relevant premium functions that are outside the free pack. The first case is that of Coyote, the second that of CamSam or Radarbot.


Coyote premium interface on Android

Databases and types of radars. For a radar detection application, its rationale is to ensure that not a single radar, of any type, is missed on a given road network: fixed radars, mobile radars, section radars, helicopters, invisible radars (velolaser ). Nowadays, practically any popular GPS navigation application worth its salt, for example Maps, Waze, TomTom AmiGo, Sygic,, have fixed radars and mobile ones abound (although there are more differences here).

In the end, marking a radar that is always there does not have much mystery, but the critics are those itinerant. This is where Waze takes the lead thanks to its community, capable of sounding the alarm in a matter of minutes if it detects a radar at a point, direct or hidden police controls or directly, if someone exceeds the speed control and is subsequently stopped by the police to fine them. The speed and activity of the Waze community is unrivaled and it is the fish that bites its tail: the more people use it, the more community there is and the better it is at these tasks. Of course, in addition to the speed cameras appearing, it also warns you effectively so that you don’t miss them.

In short, in my experience Waze has little to envy of the best speed camera applications. But it has another ace up its sleeve: when you try a radar app you discover that although it surely works well in its main function of revealing these speed measurement instruments, they neglect other sections such as the interface or cartography. Here, GPS navigation applications usually have a better design. To taste, the colors, but Waze has a very clear design and casual, but not imprecise.

Why do I use Waze instead of a speed camera app? Because for my needs I am not willing to spend money and under this premise, the app offers me a complete and satisfactory overall experience, both in radar warning and navigation.

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In Apps ProBox | I have tried the main free applications with speed camera warning for Android Auto and it is clear to me that these are the best

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