After the web browser, Mullvad launches its own search engine

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Months after introducing its own privacy-focused web browser called Mullvad Browser, based on Firefox, Mullvad, the company behind the well-known VPN service of the same name, is now introducing its own search engine called Mullvad Leta

Mullvad Leta will be the alternative search engine that users can choose in Mullvad Browser, as long as they already have a Mullvad VPN paid account, although otherwise, they can continue using the DuckDuckGo search engine, which can be found available by default.

A privacy-focused search engine

In this way, Mullvad is expanding its ecosystem of products focused on user privacy, considering the constantly increasing online privacy concerns of users, who are increasingly aware of protecting themselves against online monitoring and threats.

They explain that their new search engine uses the Google Search API as a proxy, caching each search that users perform so that the cached results can then be shared with other users, reducing costs and improving the privacy of users. the same.

Query results are cached for 30 days

Of course, since the results will be stored for a maximum period of 30 days, it is possible that at any given time, users may find slightly outdated results.

Each user will be able to carry out up to a maximum of 100 direct searches per day, being able to make unlimited use of the results available in the cache.

For direct searches, Google will only know that the searches are performed by Mullvad Leta, also obtaining the search terms, without obtaining any additional data, so that the user data remains private.

Completely private search experience

Also, how could it be otherwise, users will get a completely private search experience, free of third-party tracking links, and under a simple and clean interface.

Those users who wish to use the new search engine through a different browser should go to as long as it is behind the active Mullvad VPN.

Via: Mullvad Official Announcement

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