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After more than a year of waiting, Valve’s Steam Deck begins to be on sale

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There are waits that can seem eternal, as has happened to some of those interested in buying the Steam Deck, the new portable gaming device that Valve came to present just over a year ago, and which is now beginning to be available. the sale with a 10 percent discount, although those interested will have to hurry, since this “spring” discount ends on March 23, which in the case of Spain, ends at 6:00 p.m. (peninsular time).

Users can choose their device from among the three available options, the first option being the one that offers 64GB of eMMC memory storage for a price of 377.10 euros, including carrying case.

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It is followed by the option that may be the most advisable due to its 256GB storage in NVMe SSD for a price of 494.10 euros, which in addition to the transport case also includes an exclusive Steam Community profile lot.

And finally there is the best possible option, which houses a storage of 512 GB in NVMe SSD, which for 611.10 euros, includes an exclusive transport case, an exclusive Steam Community profile lot, a virtual keyboard with an exclusive theme, and much more important, a premium anti-glare screen.

Features designed to offer optimized experiences

Any of these three options have a custom APU developed in collaboration with AMD that, based on the Zen2 CPU and RDNA2 GPU, in addition to 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, will be able to offer an optimized mobile gaming experience.

Steam offers all the technical specifications on its website, noting that in the case of storage, they are not designed so that end users can replace them themselves. It is possible that in a while we will see tutorials on YouTube talking about it, especially for those who want to replace the 64GB eMMC of the cheaper option.

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With a wide variety of games to choose from

As with computers, Steam Deck users will find their game library as soon as they log in, being able to also know the ratings of each game and being able to filter the list of games to find out which of them are compatible with the console.

Of the more than 8,000 supported games that exist today, Steam has a list of 100 most popular titles (based on the maximum number of players during the past year), where most of them also have discounts to facilitate their acquisition.

Designed for long gaming sessions

And to get more out of the games, the console comes with comfortable and quality controls, which according to Steam:

Steam Deck was built for extended gaming sessions, whether you’re using the analog sticks or trackpads, with full-size controls placed perfectly within your reach. The back of the device is shaped to comfortably fit hands of all sizes.

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In any case, the wait is over, and Steam Deck can apply with an option that goes between the cheapest options and the most expensive options (and with the best processor), improving the range of possibilities of portable game consoles to choose from.

More information/Image Credit: Valve

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